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Commentary On The Temple of Set Accursed By Ra Adventure From The Judge's Guild By Thomas & Edward McCloud For Your Old School Campaigns

Do you need a one shot adventure with a solid Egyptian style flavor? A place of mystery and challenge where your adventurers might be challenged by a pool of mystery, horror, and pulp adventure in the old school tradition?
Welcome to the Temple of Set Accursed By Ra and welcome to a new oasis of adventure. Bring extra character sheets. 

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The Temple of Ra Accursed By Set was one of those old school adventure romps that I've been trying to put into a blog post for the last day or so. This is a sixteen page adventure that can easily be inserted into any fantasy campaign that has an Egyptian style desert location. This module makes an excellent addition to any old school sword and sorcery campaign. Seriously this sucker can easily be dropped in and it will challenge the hell out of the players.
The blurb according to Drivethrurpg: 
Temple of Ra Accursed by Set By Thomas and Edward McCloud
A grand adventure through an Egyptian-style temple, desecrated long ago by evil forces. Adventuring parties now wander it, searching for loot, and the forces of good have also entered to protect the ancient relics and restore the balance. Several new monsters are prominently featured in this 16-page booklet. The temple was originally set up for play in three-dimensional form for use with 25mm lead miniatures; instructions are provided to the Judge so that it can be set up that way. This is a nice quick adventure for a single evening, but is capable of being worked into a larger campaign as the Judge desires.
And that's exactly what it is, a single evening sixteen page dungeon set within a framework that can easily work as a touch stone or campaign set piece for the PC's to wander through. Everything about this screams drop this one right into the background of your campaigns. There are enough challenges to take the grins off of some of your high level PC's as well. There are some really nice bits and pieces in this adventure that can be easily adapted into any sword and sorcery campaign that uses a pseudo Egyptian flavor.
Do I think that that the Temple of Ra Accursed By Set is worth the download? If your into Judge's Guild products like me? Then yes but there's more to this one then simply a quick sixteen page old school adventure.
 Using The Temple of Set Accursed By Ra Adventure
For Your Old School Campaigns 

So what the hell did I do with the Temple Accursed by Ra? Well way back in 2000 something when I was plainly getting entirely sick of the whole D20 glut of product. I happened upon a real gem of a massive campaign adventure by this guy Gary Gygax for Necromancer games called Necopolis D20. This massive tome features a fake Egyptian village to start out in. Well the PC's needed a bit of a start into this massive campaign style dungeon and well, since I was wanting to challenge them. I had them buy equipment, provisions, and all kinds of necessary stuff for a minor expedition into the desert to a minor ruin of the main bad guy from Necropolis. This was done with AD&D first edition at the time.
The Tomb of Ra Accursed by Set provided the teeth cutting adventure. Baring in mind that I owned the original Dangerous Journeys version of the Adventure I was able to place temple in a nice side portion of the desert.
Alright now to up date this module, you can easily fit it into a sword and sorcery game such as Astonishing Swordsmen and Sorcerers of Hyperborea. There are hints and rumors of portals and dimensional rifts bringing temples and ancient Egyptians to the deserts of Hyperborea. Since Necropolis is still relatively inexpensive, it should be an easy add to drop the Temple and Necroplis right into the deserts there.

I haven't really discussed doing this with anyone but since this is sort of a thought exercise for me this evening I can merely say that AS&SH as well as OSRIC would be my first choices for running a retroclone romp through the Temple of Ra Accursed by Set. Then simply add in the rest of D20 Necropolis and press go. About 90% of the undead and mummies in the kit are covered in AS&SH. Since I own all of the above, I'd add in some of the more 'special elements' into both Temple and Necropolis as needed. 

The Temple adventure should provide enough experience to raise characters up to a level where they might and I say again might survive Necropolis but then again they might not even survive the Temple of Ra Accursed by Set. There are some very tricky bits and pieces in this adventure. 

The artwork is used without permission and this post is a review of an rpg product, there is no intent of copyright or trade mark violations intended. This post is for entertainment and educational purposes only. Astonishing Swordsmen and Sorcerers of Hyperborea is not responsible for any opinions or commentary regarding any of the products mentioned in this blog entry. All of this is commentary is from a 2003 - 4 table top adventure campaign. 

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