Tuesday, March 3, 2015

1d10 Random Treasures of Super Science and Ancient Sorcery Table For Your Old School Campaigns

Deep in the ancient wastelands of Accursed Atlantis are timeless and weird treasures of super science and sorcery just waiting for adventurers and the unlucky to stumble across these finds of awesome and incredible power. Here then are a few more items of timeless super science to bedevil your PC's with and bring horror upon the unsuspecting and foolish.
These have a distinctly Astonishing Swordsmen and Sorcerers of Hyperborea and Mutant Future feel to them but could be used in any old school campaign. 

1d10 Random Treasures of 
Super Science and Ancient Sorcery Table
  1. 1d100 Ancient metal cubes that are actually the remains of a group of cultists that gave themselves over to a Great Old One or god of Law. These crazed souls howl and dance around but will unleash 1d4 random second level black sorcery spells randomly. Then spontaneously disassemble back into their cubic forms once again. The cubes will be far too hot to touch. 
  2. An ancient demonic statue that is actually the burnt out remains of a demonic over lord's soul. The statute will shoot out 1d8 tendrils of icor covered tendrils that will cause 3 points of acidic damage to whatever it touches. The thing will then try to absorb anyone who comes close to it. It will reanimate as a minor demon in 1d3 rounds and attack anyone present. It driven back into its form it may utter a foul curse upon anyone around it. If destroyed it will turn into a foul decayed disease filled slime. 
  3. A golden demon statue that has the properties to heal anyone touched by it. But its countenance is so foul that none will suspect that it is a spirit of healing trapped within it. 
  4. An ancient machine that has recorded the weird knowledge of ancient beings of times long past. Contains 1d6 spells of ancient Mu that it will drone out for those willing to experiment with the thing. Has 1d6 charges when found that may give cryptic answers to questions as a per a prophecy spell once a week. 
  5. An ancient time space engine that will allow one to open doors into the Outer shade planes of alternative worlds and other places. Has enough juice for 1d10 such trips. But it will suck 1d10 years off of everyone's life force present during these trips. 
  6. A symbol of Abyssian Chaos that causes all to see it too despair and flee from its presence within 1d4 rounds as per a Fear spell unless a save vs wands is made. The thing can be used to summon a minor demon from Outer Darkness once per week. Worth 400 gold pieces to a cult of chaos who will kill the owner for it. 
  7. A stone vessel containing the locked essence of a minor demonic sorcerer locked within it. The thing leaks a minor variation of the Red Death disease that will cause the mutation and degeneration of any who come in contact with the thing. It will animate any dead within 1d6 rounds as a zombie of dreadful aspect. 
  8. A ray pistol like device that is actually a time generator that allows one to create a bubble of petrified time when pointed at a target with a range of 400 feet. They will be locked within the bubble for 1d30 years. 
  9. A crystal of made from the tears of a space god, the thing will allow one to see any demonic influence in an area is look through with. The crystal may open a door to any nearby hidden dimensions recently used for black magick or witchcraft. The thing hums to itself quietly when not in use. 
  10. A small golden monkey stature that is actually a device of super science that allows communication with other devices of super science. The device called a 'Clever Monkey' can animate and repair other devices of super science or sorcery but it will demand weird as well as esoteric tasks after such repairs are made. The device will slip away from its owner and become embroiled in the middle of conflicts of a dubious and dangerous nature to the owner and friends. 

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