Wednesday, March 18, 2015

Fourteen Free OSR Adventure Creation Tools and Adventures From The Save Vs Dragon's Blog For Your Old School Campaigns

 Getting started on mapping and having a set of alternative adventure resources & hex crawling stuff for OD&D adventure creation is always something that a DM welcomes. Well this morning I stumbled upon another really nice set of free downloadable resources and this time its from the Save Vs Dragon Blog from Richard LeBlanc Jr.
 These include hex crawl resources, mapping stuff, and much,much, more. But that's not all. There are ton of old school OD&D style adventures for the taking. Very nice stuff. Richard also runs New Big Dragon Games you can find them right HERE

                           GRAB THEM RIGHT OVER 

Now according to Richard he's running a special in addition to the free stuff for OD&D  on his blog.
For a limited time, get the PDF of
2014 Three Castles Award™ Winner
"Valley of the Five Fires"
for just $2 from RPGNow!

Right  Over

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