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The Acolytes Of Ahania - Another Take On The Cult Classic Televisions Show 'Otherworld' Episode Paradise Lost For Your Old School Campaigns

There are agents of neutrality who wander across the planes carving out places of pleasure and vice from areas of lost dreams and isles of inhospitably across the multiverse. Many of these places are gathering points for seekers of hedonism and excitement. But they are far more then that, these agents pledge themselves to alien intelligence's and weird life forms from beyond the pale of mankind. Many of these become acolytes of Ahania. These leaders of strange cult like brotherhoods and organizations  surround themselves with clerics, friars, and priests  who serve a wide variety of gods and goddess who they see as emanations of their central beliefs. Many are fanatical in their belief systems and can be quite dangerous.
Ahania is the cast out alien goddess. She is an eternal of Order of  reason & pleasure connected to Urizen. According to the ancient texts -
She is the representation of pleasure and the desire for intelligence. Although Urizen casts her out as being the manifestation of sin.


But she has become far more to those priests and priestesses who dwell in lost places that serve her as agents. She represents and gives the gifts of power, magic, super science, longevity, pleasure and far more. But there is a price as there has been since the days of Lemuria and Atlantis. 

Cruel jealousy! selfish fear!
Self-destroying: how can delight
Renew in these chains of darkness

The Acolytes Of Ahania surround themselves with the pursues of pleasure of the mind, the flesh, and beyond. They always give their guests and revelers a good time and beyond. They're island and mystical retreats always seem to be bastions of sorcery and super science. They have the highest technologies and the very best artifacts as well as facilities. But these are bastions against the forces of magick and chaos that always seem to lurk at the very edges of these places. 

File:Goddess Trikomo Louvre N3497.jpg

Ahania's operatives move among the various planes where apocalyptic events have happened and often establish vast bastions where pleasure and the gathering of vast mystical energies happens within isolated settlements of weird aspects. These places often are guarded by super science artificial intelligence and have been set in motion hundreds of years or centuries ago. They continue to carry out their missions of strange aspect quietly feeding their goddess vast amounts of dangerous occult energies.
Sometimes these places are found among the ruins of older cultures time lost and weird in their aspects.
File:Schubert Ulysses and Circe.jpg
But there is a far darker undercurrent to these places, often they produce weird or strange potions, herbs, strange substances, and these are used to promote the longevity of the worshipers of the various pursues of pleasure for such never ending party produces vast qualities of magick and forces of vast semi divine potential. Often these agents are known for there vast knowledge of potions and herbs. Through the use of magical potions and a wand or a staff, they transform their enemies, or those who offended them, into  mutated animals or worse. There is often a byproduct or substance that can be harvested from these guests and party goers. This often happens through super science means. These substances can give incredible occult visions and euphoric highs and can temporarily boost intelligence and wisdom scores by +3 or more but they take away constitution points on a one to one basis, eventually killing both those addicted to the product and those producing it.


There are far more to these acolytes then the simple production vast occult energies,these places are often located at the remote edges of planes and can be used as temporary dimensional anchors against the encroaching forces of chaos and the Abyss. This makes the Acolytes Of Ahania sought out as guardians or custodians of both blessed pleasure and scared wisdom. Many guilds and bodies of ancient wisdom and magickal knowledge actively pursue the creation of such agents of neutrality by handing children over to such organization. Those who pursue this vocation specialize in the gray schools of magick exclusively. But some seek out the darker emanations of magickal power. These specialize in the black schools of magick and revel in their positions of pleasure and power. These end up serving some of the darker Abyss powers.

           In Astonishing Swordsmen and sorcerers of Hyperborea, the Acolytes Of Ahania are a witch cult dating back to the days of ancient Atlantis on Old Earth, they use a combination of lost Lemurian  Atlantis super science  technology as well as dark magic to create their affects and still operate in the hidden and dark oasis's of Hyperborea and worlds beyond! 

Using the The Acolytes Of Ahania
In Your Old School Campaigns

The acolytes serve as dimensional anchors for various provinces and provide a number of valuable illicit substances which are useful for royalty and rulers of dimensional provinces out on the fringes of reality. In post apocalyptic games these agents often serve as adventure location points or focuses for dungeons,raids, and the like. They serve as priests and priestesses of sorcery and occult sciences. They can also provide a welcome point of rest and relaxation for adventurers in the wastes but with a dark and sinister undertone to their resorts or spas in the wastelands. They can also be used as patrons for adventurers for relics, artifacts and occult treasures. 

No copyright infringement or trade mark violation is intended with this blog entry this is strictly a fan homage to one of the iconic shows from the 80's. I'm simply a huge Otherworld fan who has used this wonderful show in his old school table top rpg old school campaigns. 

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