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1d10 Random Relics Of The Battlefields Of The Titans Find Table For Your Old School Campaigns

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If your PC's are wandering across the dimensional wastelands and byways of the planes ,they may be unlucky to run across the ancient battle fields and former war torn sites of the giants and titans who challenged the gods to supremacy of the Gods. The battles were incredible and the very foundations of creation where cracked and in some cases damned beyond repair. Left behind were weird and glorious strange weapons of the titans. Many of these spectacularly dangerous weapons were simply abandoned upon the battle fields. Many seemingly almost moments ago. Many of these weapons are gigantic and very,very,dangerous. 

1d10 Random Relics Of The Battlefields
 Of The Titans Find Table

  1. Twelve foot long spiked wooden club with bits of glass,razor wire, and glowing chips of metal in it. The weapon is incredibly heavy, any one exposed to it for more then 1d4 hours must make a mutation check.
  2. Giant ten foot diameter metal sling bullet, the thing barely contains the ancient weird radiations in it. There will be 1d4 orges looking for the thing, any one exposed to it for 1d6 hours must save vs death or have 1d6 mutations hit them. 
  3. A single sword blade that has been cracked on some ancient beast's back. The blade now sings ancient and horrid songs of glory and blood shed. The thing will carries within it the ancient souls of alien god things. A curse will hit anyone who hands it for more then three rounds. One of the ancient spirits will try to possess one of the PC's 
  4. A single +2 dagger that fairly glows with weird radiations. Anyone handling it for more then 1d6 rounds. A minor mutation will show up. 
  5. This jagged solidified ray of Abyssal energies continues to pulse and glow as if that the thing was just made. Anyone exposed to the thing for more 1d6 rounds will develop an odd mutation from the arcane energies this thing spits out. 
  6. An enchanted Dwarven war hammer has been cracked and broken. The metals are worth 60000 gold pieces. 
  7. This giant ray project has a cracked lens and strange problems with the harmonics. The thing will produce a strange cloud of weird radiations and will try to take over the mind of the nearest person for possession. The victims will develop 1d6 minor mutations and begin bleeding from their eyes. 
  8. A selection of giant metal rods which grow hot in the handler's hands.They are +2 weapons but anyone handling these things will be the hit with hard doses of radiation. 
  9. A giant statue of Cthulhu which produces incredibly vivid dreams of world conquest and insanity. Anyone handling the piece for more then an hour will dream of odd spells and receive 1d4 spells from this weird ancient horror god. 
  10. A giant jewelry box of the god's has been left behind after the gods fled before the wraith of the titans. There are several +3 jeweled hat pin swords and some other baubles. The case is protected by 1d6 iron golems who will show up when summoned by the brutal spells writ within the lid of the box
    The thing will admit a blast prismatic energy and do 3d6 points of damage to anyone not saving vs death. 
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