Friday, March 20, 2015

1d20 Random Mythic Post Apocalyptic Adventure Locations Table For Your Old School Post Apocalyptic Campaigns

Out in the wastelands are places that echo from eternity with the weight of eternity upon them. These places call to be explored and yearn for fortune seekers to enter the trapped and dangerous hallways into adventure and worse. Here then for your edification is a list of 1d20 mythic post apocalyptic adventure locations to dazzle and hook your adventurers with. 

1d20 Random Mythic Post Apocalyptic
 Adventure Locations Table 

  1. A mall from an alternative world that suffered through a time warp, the robots and materials are still intact but a strange cult comes here to circle the place and wizard holds court in the lower levels. 
  2. A sky scraper ruled by a dragon and his court of wizards,they have moved this tower across space and time to take advantage of new lands to conquer.There are several adventurers who have been turned to stone by the guardian Medusa in the courtyard. 
  3. An ancient grave yard of alien gods and machines blows across the dimensions, there are lower levels to this place that contain ancient and dangerous monsters and war machines.A cult of ghouls feeds on the flesh of the god things as they slowly decay. 
  4. An ancient observatory faces alien skies, here a lens made from the eye of a god watches the skies for signs of a coming dread star. The place is surrounded by dangerous tribes of mutants. 
  5. A giant wrecked space craft lays in ruins, the blood its pilot has infected the landscape and weird mutations have run riot. There are tons of relics and wreckage around the corpse of the ship. 
  6. An ancient pit in the ground that is actually seven levels of two different ruins side by side into which mutant tribes have moved and have been hoarding weapons,relics,and other treasures. This place is a world into itself. 
  7. An ancient temple that moves across time and space, various mythological horrors make their home here and have brought treasure and weird artifacts here as well. Robots patrol the interferences.  
  8. An ancient factory of robots and cyborg has been taken over by a nano machine menace.The thing is evil and supremely dangerous. 
  9. An ancient space colony has fallen to the ground and now dangerous monsters inhabit the interior.A fortune awaits the hunter who can get past the giant space slime creatures. 
  10. The hallowed out halls of horror of an old amusement attraction are the home to an ancient horror from beyond space and time. There are weird machines and relics that guard the place. 
  11. An ancient dimensional guardian bars a door to a weird Lovecraftian pocket dimension of treasures and antiques seemingly unguarded but some of the treasures are actually robotic guardians. 
  12. The broken remains of four skyscrapers merged together by heat and atomic power. Monsters and giant spiders haunt the place and there are tons of ancient technology still in operation here and there. 
  13. A four story underground parking garage has had its entrance uncovered by recent weather,strange robotic lifeforms have been seen coming out of this place just after sun set. Several artifacts have been found nearby. Other adventurers are coming to find out about the rumors of the place. 
  14. The interior of a futuristic library has been uncovered and several scholars from nearby tribes have gone missing. There have been weird lights seen from the place over the past week and odd drumming coming from with the place. Tribes are beginning to panic and they want to hire explorers to investigate. 
  15. A giant monster skeleton has been converted into a weird museum location and monsters have been sighted living in the place. There are fears that they are gathering relics and weapons to raise an army to wipe out the humans in the area. 
  16. A nearby tribe has uncovered the entrance to a former military command center. And now robots have been sighted and have attacked nearby villages. There are rumors of untold riches from this place and several villages wish to wipe this place from existence. But there have been telepathic warnings from the place to stay away. '
  17. An ancient crypt to some alien god has been uncovered. Several weird relics have fallen into a patron's hands and he wants them returned to the crypt but local brigands want the things. Others are interested in the 'real' treasures of the place. 
  18. A coven of witches meets within the town hall and cries out for blood and souls for  their lord who dwells with them. They have especially rich pickings and some very fine artifacts but they are completely crazy.
  19. There is a downed jet here and the place is haunted by energy beings completely. There are desiccated corpses a from every rafters. A small slim copy of notes from the necronomican. 
  20. An ancient cavern is actually the mouth to a Hellish dimension. There are a ton of places to be explore and many strange and mysterious relics that can found here. There are five folks waiting and watching this place as 'sacred guardian'. 

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