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1d20 Random Dimensional Gateway Encounter Table For Your Old School Campaign

Across the planar thresholds come all kinds of freaks and monsters that await at the thresholds of reality,adventurers who encounter these things that wait never forget or forgive the experiences that they have. Mutants and monsters of all sorts of horrific description await them. Scattered across Accursed Atlantis are gates and keys to other dimensions. Some are from the 'ancient ones' and the Externals of the cycle of Ancient Earth.
Here then is a 1d20 random dimensional gateway encounter table with all kinds of sinister and strange beings.Monsters, madmen, mutants, and more. 

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1d20 Random Dimensional Gateway Encounter Table

  1. 1d8 starving barbarian cultists,2nd level fighters armed with stone axes,knives, and hide shields. 
  2. 1d8 hellish damned souls mutated by the Abyss sporting 1d4 random mutations 
  3. 1d100 pounds of green slime or oozes & fungal horrors all very hungry and dangerous 
  4. 1d6 mutant horrors from beyond the pale sporting 1d10 random mutations, looking for trouble and sport 
  5. 1d10 Lovecraftian horrors looking to feed on the souls of the innocent 
  6. 1d10 ancient wights dressed in viking armor and sporting minor magical swords 
  7. 1d6 reptilian warriors armed with energy weapons and ray guns, they're looking for slaves to take with them back home. 
  8. 1d10 evil Dwarven warriors armed with long reach battle axes, wooden shields, and looking for humans to be brought back home as food. 
  9. 6th level chaotic wizard and his routine of 1d8 ratmen warrior body guards armed with short swords,shields,and black powder weapons 
  10. A pride of very hungry 1d6 giant mutant lions sporting 1d4 random mutations 
  11. 1d6 undead minor wyverns looking to feast on the blood of the innocent 
  12. 1d4 giant mutant spiders with glistening fangs and acid laced webs 
  13. 1d6 mutant dinosaurs on the prowl with telekinetic blasting abilities capable of doing 2d4 points of damage per blast. 
  14. A very confused time traveler who seems very panicked but is actually possessed by a minor demon lord.Armed with a blaster but prefers a wicked butcher knife. 
  15. 1d8 ghosts of the damned looking for a new home and souls upon which to feed. 
  16. A piece of space wreckage wreathed in strange radiation, any one exposed to this piece must save or die or be struck by a mutation check. The thing is hot enough to set off Geiger counters from 40 yards away. 
  17. 1d10 undead Dionysus party goers and worshipers, they will level drain anyone they come across and feast on the corpses. Fanged, clawed, and very hungry. 
  18. An ancient pack of 1d10 Egyptian ghouls and ghasts looking for food and a new home. 
  19. 1d8 mutated cultists and their crazed 6th level occultist/priest leader looking for slaves, their god, and souls to convert. They sport 1d6 mutations and are armed with sacrificial knives. 
  20. 1d4 maggot giants armed with iron battle axes,dragon hide shields, and several heavy stone spears each. They sport 1d8 random mutations and regenerate as trolls. These things hate humans and near humans with a passion. They wait at the threshold to break through.

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