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1d10 Random Warlords Of The Wastelands For Your Old School Campaigns

      The wastelands are filled with bandits, thieves, cut throats and adventurers of every description. Here are a few possible patrons and nemesis for your parties of adventurers. These are men and women who have carved out a niche within the wastelands for themselves and are capable of defending it with blood and terror all of their own. Many times these men and women seek out the foolish and stupid for some wanton mission of  adventure and fortune. Here then is a list of possible nemesis or party allies for your old school campaigns
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1d10 Random Warlords Of The Wastelands
  1. An ancient survivor of Mu who has carved out his place with a band of mutant warriors. They use a combination of mutant horses, energy weapons, and blood thirsty cunning to take anything they want. They operate from an abandoned castle in the wastes. There are 1d100 and they seek an ancient relic of power. 
  2. An Atlantian warlord psychically bonded to his mutant tiger seeks adventurers for a mission for his small wasteland kingdom. He is actually the head of a group of assassins and warriors who operate from the shadows. He uses mutant shape shifters as agents. 
  3. An ancient dragon has been operating as a warlord for sometime out in the wastelands and seeks adventurers for a mission of vengeance upon a wizard. The dragon plays at being a petty wasteland king and harbors mutants of all strips. He seeks a relic of power and ancient magick. 
  4. A super scientist has founded a place of learning in a castle and is protected by a legion of robotic warriors from old Lemuria. His patron is a high ranking warlord of vast psychic power. He is seeking adventurers to help him find a space ship part. 
  5. An ancient mutant adventurer has been operating out of an old military fortress out in the wastes. He uses a vast legion of cut throats and adventurers to ravage museums and former strong holds of treasure. He is seeking some lost treasure for a hidden agenda. 
  6.  A begger king has set up a hidden kingdom within the wastes where he operates a high level thieves guild and wishes to expand. He is looking for adventurers to aid in the quest for a certain mutant with a particular set of powers to bring him closer to a hidden goal. He has 1d100 thieves and warriors at his command. There are rumors of assassins responding to his call as well. 
  7. A very wealthy money changer has set up an exchange for adventurers and waste landers. He is seeking adventurers to help him in a mission to help him recover a precious artifact from the wastes. He is guarded by a vicious set of mutants of unknown qualities. He operates out of a ruined city. 
  8. This warrior queen has a set of 1d100 bandits who ride on mutant horse back and use black powder weapons. She is seeking a lost city in the wastes and crazy adventurers to help her. 
  9. A crazed waste land cult leader is seeking a band of adventurers to help him retrieve a treasure from the ruins of a bank guarded by a dragon. A gang of mutants worships the thing as a god. 
  10. An ancient Atlantian lich over sees an army of the dead out in the time lost wastes and seeks out adventurers to help him find his bride who has been stored in the ruins of an ancient museum. 

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