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1d10 Random Minor Gods & Minions Of Law & Order Encounter Table For Your Old School Campaigns

Within surrounding fragile bubble of what we call reality there are self appointed guardians and minions of powers far beyond the scale that our mortal minds can contemplate. These minions of Law and Order sometimes protect and sometimes interfere with the lives and works of mortals. Adventurers,relic hunters, thieves and others cross paths with these beings regardless if they want to or not at times. Sometimes even in the ruins and places of the wastelands. Time,space, energy, are all tools to be manipulated for the greater good! Here then is small listing of these beings.
Caution should always be exercised when encountering such beings for some are very short on patience. And many have vast psychic or psionic abilities to manipulate reality. Adventurers should be wary around such powers.

1d10 Random Minor Gods & Minions Of Law & Order  Encounter Table 

  1. Cruiru'ru The Lord of the Seven Levels, this being watches the gates and dimensional cross roads for chaos and mortals. He often calls in angels and minor gods to assist him in preventing mass invasions. Sometimes has been known to call  in mortals. Has vast psychic powers and super science genius. 
  2. He'reusus Lord Of Patterns and Fabrics - This minor lord of order takes the form of delicate patterns of woven reality. He knits and manipulates the rends and tears in reality with vast psychic potential and loathes to be disturbed in his work. However it will gossip about fashion and sewing on occasion. 
  3. The Grui Goddess of Colors, Patterns, and Technologies, this goddess watches over all comings and goings of minor courts, neighborhoods, and patterns of country and urban patterns. She hates Chaos and calls in the knights of Order when such intrusions occur. She often uses super science to assume a variety of forms for minor corrections and uses adventurers as well as heroes when needed. She is flighty and fickle at times. 
  4. Cratal Lord of Law Keepers, this over worked minor lord watches over the dimensional lanes and patterns of Chaos while recruiting Chaotic minions into his schemes. He uses a wide variety of epic journeys and missions to keep them from harming innocents while using Chaos to fight itself. He is served by paladins called Law Keepers who were once minions of Chaos but have been reformed into more pleasing forms. 
  5. Shg Tiri The Five Headed Form, this being is a principle of Order who watches over all things of Order and is completely alien to our time and space. The thing is like a virus and moves among the planes taking over where needed and destroying where necessary. This being operates via super science powers but how and why is only according to its own agenda. It will kill heroes and adventurers as it sees fit. 
  6. The Brain Of Thal, this being takes its form from the fallen body of its former master and watches over the flow of communication across its area of the dimensional sphere. Its vast psychic powers peer into the minds of billions and it sometimes has been known to employ adventurers as agents to interfere in the plans of Chaos and Misrule. 
  7. The Keeper Of The Souls of Law And Order, a renegade angel of Death and Order who collects the souls of great heroes and knights of order. This being kills with impunity any that it deems of Chaos and disorder. Whom or what it is serving is unknown but it employs agents and heroes for missions in very dangerous Lovecraftian afterwords and dreamlands.  Often it collects these souls as well. 
  8. The Duke of Discovery's End this explorer in the further realms of dream is searching for a messiah of Order and Law who will be dreamnt of by a child of law. This being uses heroes and adventurers to combat the forces of darkness and Chaos in the world of dreams from time to time. But it has been known to seal dreamers and adventurers within hells of their own minds at its whim. 
  9. The Walker of The Wastes is a sad being of Law and Order that catalogs lost and forgotten peoples and societies. He is the patron of clerics and sorcerers of  the wastelands and visits with his worshipers as they share their insights with him. He employs adventurers from time to time for missions to alien and forgotten ruins. The Walker is often the target of wizards from post apocalyptic worlds that learn too late about his abilities to bend and shape magic easily with his vast psychic powers. He also has been known to kill beings who stumble upon certain ruins in the wastes for unknown reasons. 
  10. The Mouth of Saul - An alien sonic mind of vast potential who takes the form of a pair of disembodied lips. This god thing sings the songs of order and law but eats adventurers stumbling upon the back ways and alleys of the Heavens of Law. There is speculation that the mouth might be a renegade angel punished with the duties of Law and Order. Other speculation is that this thing is all that remains of a former powerful god of the power of Law. The thing is completely alien and operates with incredible latitude. Vast sonic, and psychic powers over reality on a local space time continuum level. 

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