Sunday, March 22, 2015

Free OSR Module - Night Of The Walking Wet by Jennell Jaquays For Your Old School Campaigns

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A lifetime ago I was looking around for a suitable OD&D or AD&D module, I came across the Walking Wet by Jennell Jaquays  which was from the Dungeoneer Issue # 2. The Some King's Kent blog author did a complete reformatting of this module and now its available for free. And what an excellent adventure of high level weirdness and old school creepiness for a night of epic adventure. Night Of The Walking Wet  is available for both OD&D & AD&D. 

Grab It Right Over 

Let's see what can I tell you about this module? Well its perfectly in keeping with the creative and gonzo spirit of DYI D&D which I love so much. Everything about this one clicks for me,all of the right buttons are pushed here. Weird monsters check, odd ball locations check, creative settings for a dungeon check and plenty of easy placement into your own old school campaigns.
The creativity is out of the wahzoo on this one and works on so many levels. The revamp is very well done, the download is free, and this makes an excellent one shot to get the PC's into the deep end of things. Plus this has both OD&D and AD&D stats available as needed.
This module also plugs right into the old school Judge's Guild feel and shines a nice bright spot on a direction of  adventure design that in some respects is I feel missing at times. If your so inclined take a look at some of the other Judge's Guild modules as well HERE
Everything rings right for me with this module, the artwork, the maps, the revamp, and the old school DM truth of it. A really excellent adventure if your in the mood to grab some dice and have some fun with your friends.
And while your at it you might want to check out what Jennell has been up to at her website right over HERE  and say thanks for this adventure as well some of the projects she's doing. 

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