Thursday, March 19, 2015

Review and Commentary On The Crawling Under A Broken Moon Issue #1 fanzine For The Dungeon Crawl Classics Rpg System or Your Old School Campaigns

I haven't gotten into Dungeon Crawl Classics rpg at all. I've been poking it with a ten foot pole for some time but I couldn't get a copy or access to a print copy in my region of New England. So I kinda jumped at the chance to take a look at Issue one of Crawling Under A Broken Moon issue#1 

Grab It Right

So what's in issue one? 

Welcome to Umerica
Crawling in a Gonzo Post-Apocalyptic Fantasy World
The Technologist
A class dedicated to the accumulation of scientific knowledge and power
Weapons of the Wastelands
Guns, Guns, and more Guns    
Twisted Menagerie
The Sharkhana, Debris Elemental, and Sentrybot
An Interesting Place to Die
Blooms Fashions: a store with clothes to die for

Crawling Under A Broken Moon takes it points from every post apocalyptic trope known in science fantasy movies, literature, gaming, and spins it through the DCC rpg system. The issue is pretty nicely packed with some very familiar material here. The first article describes maintaining the air of what its like trying to describe the post apocalyptic world to your players. There's an artifact condition table and some pretty solid advice. Next up we get the technologist and in true DCC fashion we get a nice little rounded out PC class. There's enough here to work with and add into the back part of the DCC system. This class is probably one of the most useful folks for a full post apocalyptic party. The class is pretty well balanced for a gonzo game. Over all the first couple of bits are not bad at all.
Weapons of the Wastelands which includes rules for Firearms,gun smith work, and lots of familiar modern firearms and some energy weapons thrown into the mix.
Twisted  Menagerie  gives four mutated mutant monsters for the DCC wasteland crawl campaign. The Sharkhana is a humor filled nightmare for your adventurers to encounter. The mutant menace reminds me of a certain 90's shark themed cartoon and it hits a certain nostalgia spot. The Debris Elemental is a monster I've seen used in quite a few old school rpgs and this is always a favorite to see it used in the ruins. The sentry bot is perfect for your malls of murder or ruins of doom. It comes with a complete chart for its behavior and malfunction, this looks like it would be fun to play around. The Lobstrosity is a take off on the Lovecraftian Mi Go retrofitted into the UnAmerica setting. 
Blooms Fashions is an adventure location that can be dropped into any mall or ruined strip mall. Not too bad of a location to drop into a game. I can see using this in some ways. Not a bad first effort for a fanzine, personally I'd wait till she goes on sale. And then grab a copy but all in all its worth the effort for a download.  

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