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1d10 Random Monstrous Corpses and Body Parts and Their Weird Properties Table For Your Old School Campaigns

Adventurers out the wastelands of Accursed Atlantis hunt monsters of all stripes for their wizard patrons, many times these horrors have strange and weird properties as the dangerous magical energies within their corpses begin the process of decay and degeneration.
Some of these creature's carcasses can be very valuable to the right parties especially wizards, super scientists, and mad men.
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1d10 Random Monstrous Corpses,Body Parts and Their Weird Properties Table 
  1. The slowly cooking carcasses of a Mi Go insectoid horror, the weird matter is decaying from the inside out.The thing pulses with blue smoke,and weird magical energies. There is strange copper and blue metal arrow head lodged within the thorax of the monster. Anyone must make a radiation and mutation check when within 5 feet of the thing. It must carefully be handled with copper tools or other instruments. Wrapping it in a cloth will slow the process of decay.
    The thing waffles with strange radiations and will fetch 130 gold pieces to an alchemist or wizard.
  2. Mutated Minotaur's corpse seethes with magickal energies, the thing fairly cooks the air around it. Near by is a half melted magical sword, riddled and decaying in the light.The enchantment is broken. Anyone within 10 feet of the thing must make a mutation check. There is blood around it but no other warriors and the like are present. The corpse can be used as a medium for other magical mutations and horrors. Worth 100 gold pieces to the right buyer but it must cool over night and wasteland scavengers must be kept away. 
  3. A small grey humanoid thing decays in the light. What it might be isn't known but its neck has been shattered and the air arches with the Chaotic energies of magic around it. There will be 1d10 random magical effects. And the thing is worth 200 gold pieces to a wizard of dark aspect who can use it for various summoning and dark rites. 
  4. The lower half and arms of a Medusa lay in the sunlight, the corpse cooks with mutational and dangerous energies. The blood is already creating 1d6 random giant mutated minor insects. The corpse is worth 400 gold pieces to an alchemist or 600 to a super scientist because of its rarity and mutagenic properties. A magical dagger lays nearby half stone. 
  5. The corpse of a demon warrior is scattered around and several pieces are still slightly animated. The thing's head attempts to bite the vary air and it's corpse seethes with the energies of the Abyss. Magickal demonic energies course around the thing and there are 1d4 minor imp like things springing from its hell ridden flesh already. It is worth a cool 1400 gold pieces to a cult of demonic horror but already a group of 1d6 warriors is looking to claim the thing.Energies of a demonic nature course around the thing and there's a 20% chance of a gate opening up when its disturbed.
  6. A corpse of a mutant necromancer is starting to decay nearby. The thing courses with negative planar energies and its worth 200 gold piece to a wizard or cult.But around it are several other corpses of warriors who will animate as skeletons or zombies in 1d6 rounds. There are several pieces of random minor treasure scattered round the thing. 
  7. The cooling corpse of a mutated dragonite has started to decay. The energies of Chaos course through the thing and a band of weird mutated minor horrors has begun to crawl towards it. There are 1d6 of these minor horrors. Anyone coming within 20 feet of the thing must make a mutation check as the energies of weird change make the air shimmer with gross possibilities and horror. Worth 1000 gold pieces to a wizard or super scientist who can use it for experimentation or as a magickal power source. 
  8. A mutated monstrous giant lizard bird monster's corpse bakes from within as its organs riddled with horrid magical energies bake their way out from within it. 1d6 organs can be recovered but there is a radiation hazard or mutation check that must be made. The thing is riddled with weird silver metal arrows but these are badly corroded and breaking down from within. The thing is worth 2000 gold pieces to the right buyer and its organs can be made into a variety of high techno occult power cells after a wizard harvests and processes them. 
  9. The corpse of a Biblical giant warrior has been shunted into the local space time from else where. The thing is throwing off ancient and horrid energies from its hellish origins in some long forgotten ancient past. Wizards and cultists would love to get their hands on this thing because of its strange occult connections. But a troop of fellow warriors is moving across alternative time lines to trace down their fallen brethren. They are the equivalent of Cloud giants and armed with magical weapons of dangerous aspect. Worth 20000 gold pieces to right buyer but sell it fast! 
  10. The corpse of a demon warrior thing riddled with iron chains pulses with weird energies and has begun to mutate several of the local insects into demonic hell mutants. There are 1d6 of the things. The thing must be left over night and anyone exposed to it must save vs death or have 1d6 chaotic mutations cursed upon them. The thing is very valuable to the right cult and worth a cool 3000 gold pieces to a wizard. There is a 20% chance of its demonic murderers tracing down the corpse. A few trinkets of hellish aspect and treasure are scattered around the corpse but it will take a search of 1d6 hours. 

This table has been made for the Astonishing Swordsmen and Sorcerers of Hyperborea, Mutant Future, and other retroclone systems but can be used with any rpg system. 

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