Friday, March 20, 2015

Yet Another Free OSR Resource - Claw’s Carvery 1 From The Lost In Time Blog For Your Old School Campaign

So I'm poking around the interwebs this evening and come across this free little pdf called Claw’s Carvery issue one , its a sword and wizardry retroclone fanzine pdf of some pretty interesting retro style adventure and old school resources. The pdf is twenty pages long and is a nice little mix of stuff. 


According to the blog: 
Mini-adventures! – Tomb of the Mantis Khan and Ynys Bach
Magic items! – Flute of the Forest and Prebasang’s Melancholy Marionette
Random tables! – Villainous cognomens and drifting vessels (expanded)
Old Norse gubbins! – Grim Aegir and duelling rules for Norse campaigns
OGL! – Everything is statted for the Swords & Wizardry Core Rules.

20+ pages of reheated giblets. You’re welcome!
Overall this is a nice little mix of stuff for B/X style D&D with some gonzo stuff throw into the background. Not too bad at all and its free. There's some pretty solid stuff that can easily be used for a wide variety of OD&D style games. 


  1. Hell, I've been away from the interwebs for a while and hadn't looked at my blog stats until this morning, when I noticed a big spike in interest on the 21st of March. Following the trail, I find this. Thanks very much for the shout-out, sir. Greatly appreciated. And sorry for the tardiness of my acknowledgement.

  2. Not a problem at all ClawCarver, there's some great material that you put out my friend. Cheers and I appreciated the old school material.


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