Wednesday, March 4, 2015

Marking The Passing Of Gary Gygax Today

 Today marks the passing of someone's whose influence and impact on my life can't easily be put into words. Gary Gygax passed away today in 2008 and its something I've marked time & again. The words don't ever come easy marking such events. He created D&D along with Dave Arneson. I'am fortunate enough to have met the man once and we didn't talk D&D,he was interested in the fact that did repair work on sewing machines. He used to repair shoes and had some very specialized machines that helped with the job. My father still repairs those types of Singer machines and he's taught me the same skills.  I can't really process it even after all these years. Has it really been that long? I do know the way that the man who created the grand game would wanted to be remembered. Well roll some dice,get together with friends, and have a great game in Gary's name today. I could wax lyrical for pages and pages about what this man's influence on my life and the hours of creation,obsession, and imagination that D&D has brought to me,my friends and countless others. Instead I'll get together with family and friends and play an adventure in his honor. My thoughts and prayers are with the Gygax family today. 
 Wiki has a pretty solid entry that hits the high points right HERE. If you want to know more there's a pretty solid interview right over HERE

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