Thursday, March 12, 2015

The Totally Awesome 'Pay What You Want' Hill Cantons Compendium II For Your Old School Campaigns

I'm a huge Hill Cantons fan, I've used his material for years now on and off in various campaigns. And he's just released the latest incarnation of his incredible fantasy compendium as a 'pay what the hell you want'! This sucker is packed in wall to wall OSR awesomeness! I can't stress how cool this thing is! If your into old school gaming, stop,go download this and get reading!

What's in this little piece of OSR awesomeness? 

What you will find inside:
  • Nine variant old school fantasy (and Labyrinth Lord)-compatible player classes: the Mountebank, Chaos Monk, Robo-Dwarf, Feral Dwarf, White Wizard, Half-Ogre, Black “Halflings”, Pantless Barbarian and, of course, the War Bear.
  • Character background mini-game/alternative generator with quick random equipment charts.
  • Zero-level character generation and play rules.
  • Variant rules for simple attribute checks.

    This is pretty much everything I'm going to need for old school kick in the pants campaign material. And its very well done! Grab it now and throw the author a few shekels for his incredible efforts! This is this sucker is twenty one pages of all expenses paid OSR awesomeness! Thanks to the Hill Cantons for this! 


  1. Awww thanks for the kind words and signal boost.

  2. Not a problem at all Chris, I like your stuff and haven't had as much time to get the word out to the world more then I'd like. I'm sure that folks appreciate the time and effort you put into your products. Cheers pal! Thanks for the comment and get more of your product to the OSR market!


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