Tuesday, March 3, 2015

Officer's Special Pistol From The 1979 Film The Black Hole For Your Old School Science Fiction Campaigns

Original prop picture found right over HERE

  The 'officer's special' as it become affectionately known is the logical evolution of the twin action pistols seen over HERE. The officer's special has become the standard side arm by 2130 & reflects the adventurous aesthetic and dangers that early interstellar explorers faced out in the void. The laser mechanism and artificial focus crystals have been centered around the small power generation system and the resulting beam is tighter and more accurate then gun's predecessor. The gun's system sacrifices the output of the weapon for its more accurate and powerful blasts, giving this system only an eight shot capacity before the gun's systems need 2 rounds to charge up again.
The system uses an ergonomic grip and thought trigger system based on Grey blue prints recovered from the second  1952 Roswell New Mexico UFO crash. Making these weapon systems descendants of pistols used in Lemuria and still found across space and time.

   These weapon systems do 1d5 +6 points of damage and gain a +2 to attacks because of the thought trigger system that use the telepathic circuitry that has been retro engineered into the pistols. The simple zero loss energy cell rig that is used to charge these weapons is missing leading to the limited number of charges when they are found. Often times these weapons systems have been seen in the post apocalyptic wastelands and are very rarely found and these weapons  do 6d6 and have a range of 400/800 ft but also gain a +1 due to the 'thought trigger' system. These weapons are seen in the hands of mutant warlords,wizards, and other viable threats in the post apocalyptic wastelands. Many collectors enjoy the officer's special because of its unique design and features. The pistol design has also been seen in various alien museums,vaults, and in use in ancient Lemurian armies. The weapons bring a cool 560 to 600 gold pieces among energy weapon enthusiasts and adventurers. And 400 credits among the interstellar jet set who enjoy the weapon's mysterious history and dangerous reputation.

This is a fan based work and homage to the Disney film the Black Hole for educational  & entertainment purposes. There is no infringement of trade mark or challenge of copyright intended. All text and background of this weapon has been done by the writer of this blog. 

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