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Returning To Pitford Gateway To The Ruins By Outland Arts For Your Old School Post Apcoalpytic campaigns.

If you need a rest point, adventurer base starting point, or place for your adventurers to rest their heads in the wastelands. Pitford is definitely the route to go. I don't pay nearly enough attention to Outland Arts as I should. The other half got me almost the complete run of the books last year as a present.

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Pitford Gateway To The Ruins is one of my all time post apocalpytic setting books. The book contains a virtual blueprint of a fortified town on the edge of the wastelands. This is a nice top to bottom campaign source book and taken as a whole it could be added to just about any PA setting. This book is geared for the Mutant Epoch rpg but it could with little effort be used in any number of old school rpg campaigns.
A bit of background on the Pitford from Amazon -
Welcome to scenic Pitford: Gateway to the Ruins! This is your last stop before undertaking a dig in the nearby Great Ruins. Why not enjoy some of the fine services offered in this enclosed town? There are brothels, bars, massage parlors, shops, a casino and even a gladiatorial arena, all here for your delight. After all, this may be your last night in this twisted world, why not make it one to remember? Pitford is like a great immobile tank, stuck on the battle scarred, hostile plains in the shadow of the Great Ruins. This scrap metal enclosure is more than a home base for excavators; it is a dynamic adventure site, where opportunity, riches, espionage, crime, and debauchery await. Herein, game sessions are as challenging and deadly as anything found outside of its junk and concrete shell. The fortress-town stands as a frontier bastion for a hard pressed humanity, providing a retreat from the harsh sand storms and flesh eating mutated beasts of the wilds. With one road leading in at the south and another at the north, it is stopping place for travelers, outlaws, savages, scavs, runaways and most of all, excavators. For over eighty years this fort has served as a base camp for dig teams who loot the boundless ruinscape beyond, where the lucky make it back alive with artifacts of enormous wealth and power. This book is both a game master reference resource, as well as a guide for players whose characters are visiting the bustling, old west style boom town. Included are 56 shops and businesses, 33 streets and alleys, access points to the topside roof, and stairwells to the notorious basement level. In addition, fortress defenses, gatehouses, and town watch details are included, along with a robust section on the municipal jail with encounters for those incarcerated within. Also included are series of adventure hooks, appendices, map collections, the governing Association of Business Owners and the Freehold Scouts. Situated in the north east corner of the Crossroads Region, Pitford figures heavily in upcoming adventures published for The Mutant Epoch role-playing game. While having this book isn’t necessary, it would enhance game play and provide details on resources adventurers need to recover, resupply, and recruit new excavators. 200 pages 108 illustrations 5 Maps 122 Locations Encounter Tables Random Rumors Adventure Hooks and much more!

Pitford generates lots of questions in my mind
What are those ruins in the background and why is the city so damn fortified? Against what? I suddenly dug out my copy of Gamma World second edition for some reason and began to look once again at Pitzburke. Massive sprawling ruined super science city with lots of weirdness going on in the ruins there including all of the robots,  and mutated life forms. Now I'm not trying to break Outland Arts product identity nor challenge Wizbros copy right or trade mark of Gamma World. Neither company has any idea what sort of demented hi jinks a DM will get up to at all.

The fact is that Pitford has all kinds of interesting things going on. Its technology level is right around black powder era and a bit beyond maybe if your PC's are lucky they can get their hands on some of the good super science relics that are out in the wastes.
This all came about because of this guy's video overview/review. Which brings up the defenses of  Pitford and they are pretty damn formidable for the post apocalyptic wastelands.

Maybe its the other wasteland raiders, mutants, madmen, and marauders out in the wastes but I don't think so. Personally given some of the mutant monsters out in the wastes I'm thinking its probably giant freaking mutated monsters and horribly nasty Daikaiju.
Image result for Giant gila monsters

Yet somehow when I'm reading through the book, I keep expecting bounty dogs, mutated cowboys, atomic highway bikers, and auto freaks in weird hand made cars to come riding through the setting book.
I'll be returning to the wastelands fairly soon. And seeing what I can really do with Pitford itself in the coming weeks.
File:Zebras and ostriches are being chased by cowboys,leaving a l Wellcome V0021369.jpg

Yeah I'm quietly thinking of setting up some type of Weird West dark hybrid campaign. I'm thinking of incorporating some of David Bay Miller's OSR Old West Material Right Over HERE

More thoughts as they come. 

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