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'Ant Hill' An Adventure Location Encounter Using The Living Ghouls From Chris Van Deleen & Skirmisher Publishing For Your Old School Post Apocalyptic Campaigns

The PC's are approached by Alex (a living skeleton)  a representative of the Neo Mutant Alliance a pro mutant faction who promotes peace and  with 'Pures' one of their operatives deep inside the wastelands of 'Merica has made contact with the 'Decayed' a terrorist cell of Living Ghouls  who have gained possession of a dangerous still function military base. This place was used to lob shells all over the landscape of 'Merica as the 'Gen Wars' broke out. 
Alex is offering 40,000 gold pieces and a minor artifact.He has mutant mounts available if the PC's should need them. He goes on to explain that destroying the base is a bad idea because of the weapons of mass destruction still stored their could rain destruction on communities for hundreds of miles around. The base is five levels of twisting underground mazes and semi collapsed tunnels that the 'Decayed' and their allies have had five years of excavating in secret. They plan on shelling the surrounding countryside to turn the population into a food supply and as a sacrifice to their twisted god thing. 
File:Military bunkers from world war two.jpg
The ride is through some deep wastelands and there is a 60% of a random encounter with a mutant monster or hazard per day spent in the wastes. There are two small villages near the living ghouls encampments. These are rife with living ghouls half breed folks who work for the 'Decayed'and have some black powder weaponry and crossbows. They love nothing better then to pick off operatives and adventurers in their back yard.
Living Ghouls
No. Enc: 1d12 (6d20+20 in gatherings) 
Alignment:  Chaotic
Movement: 90' (30') 
AC: 7 
HD: 6 
Attacks: 3 (bite, claw, claw) 
Damage: 1d8 (plus special), 1d4+1 / 1d4+1 
Save: L6 
Morale: 4 
Hoard Class: I (x3), II (x3), V, VII, IX
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The 'ant hill is an old military base semi collapsed honey combed with a network of twisting tunnels, lighted, and has been cleaned out that leads to series of enclosed operative heavy guns capable of lobbing shells of all descriptions for miles around the place. File:Schöllenen - Old Military-tunnel.jpg
Advancing through the tunnels is going to a nerve wracking and deadly experience as the ghouls are quite well versed in the mazes and works of their base. The Decayed use knives and short swords for the inner tunnel fighting and hand cross bows with knock out poisons to capture intruders. They have no wish to destroy any potential meals. 

A clay-baked hair style. Roman votive offering Wellcome L0035901.jpg
There will also be small shrines to Mordiggian in small alcoves and scattered though out the place. One of the ghouls will be a 6th level cleric of the carnal god with 1d8 zombies with him. They will be unleashed on anyone coming into the crypt like environs of the place. 
There will be 1d6 mid level artifacts at the lowest levels and more small stock piled weapons including 1d6 AK 47's and some small arms. There are a few clips here and there. A fully working laser pistol and energy clip is here as well. 
Shells include some deadly gas shells, radiation, and 1d6 ani matter shells that do 10d6 + 3 to everything with a mile radius. The radiation from this lingers and everyone within a twenty foot radius of the shell's impact must make a radiation check. There are also 1d4 portable suit case nukes that have started to leak. Make a radiation check here.
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