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1d10 Time Lost Random Ruin Adventure Location Table For Your Old School Campaigns

In wastes there places that dot the landscape  with ruins that sometimes don't simply  fit at all. Places that travel through the million little crossroads of time and space. Places of weird and wicked aspects that have grown more then a little evil. Many of these ruins have an aura of fortune and adventure about them drawing adventurers to them as they move among the dimensions.Picking up fools,victims, and monsters from across the decades and other time lines from across the universes. These ruins offer adventure and glory at a very high price. 
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1d10 Time Lost Random Ruin
 Adventure Location Table
  1. A large sprawling castle created in a deal with an unnamed demon lord that rolls through time and space claiming souls and victims for its demonic master.The place is used as a garrison point for demons and monsters to scout out invasion points. Many ancient treasures and relics decorate its halls. 
  2. A sprawling pile of ancient rock that was once the death site of an ancient demi god, whose soul has poisoned the rocks and Earth. Dooming the place to wander eternity, this pile of stone and rock attracts mutants and madmen to its halls. Ancient dimensional doors dot its halls leading across time and space. The place boasts treasures left in its rooms as offerings to forgotten gods of madness. 
  3. An ancient fortress of the wastelands where the remains of cybernetic soldiers of super science still dwell. A mad A.I. has broken through the dimensional walls and roams the planes seeking out mutants and monsters to fight and kill. The war is long over but it still carries out its ancient directives. There are seven levels of dungeons housing super science relics and robots waiting to kill any intruders. 
  4. A vast reality altering fun house dungeon of super science moves across the planes driven by its insane demonic clown masters seeking souls and amusement.The place is filled with minor demons and horrors who are looking for foolish adventurers, treasures and trash from across the ages abound. 
  5. A vast ancient alien hospital complex holds thousands of victims of a diabolic intelligence of Law gone mad. The place houses hundreds of relics and treasures as it offers salvation and healing. But only death and horror await within its well tended walls. Androids,robots, and other things wait within. A small garden offers even more alien weirdness at its center. 
  6. An ancient fortress from the days of Atlantis sits waiting for the unwary. The place is surrounded by thousands of graves of soldiers and zombies who wait to feast on the living that stumble upon the place. Riches line its rooms and halls but the gold and relics never leave. An angel of death is said to be trapped in the levels below the fortress and the cause of all this. 
  7. A palace of golden porcelain awaits unwary travelers and is army of demonic bio-mechanical drone things traps any who come by for freezing and to be given over to the android masters who haunt the place's lower levels. Ancient treasures await adventurers here. 
  8. An ancient asylum of time haunted inmates waits the unwary. There are hundreds of ghosts,spirits, and insane demons who await travelers. The place boasts cures of a super science nature but its the victim's souls that pay the price. A mad wizard runs the facility. Vast medical relics and cures for diseases await adventurers worth a kingdom if they can be recovered. 
  9. A temple complex awaits the unwary as its old gods and angels wait as well as watch. There are many ancient artifacts and gold that await adventurers but the place has a door to Hell within its basement level that fuels this place's journey across space and time. 
  10. A lone fortress of steel and basalt is home to a wasteland cult of Cthulhu who use the place as a base to summon their dark master's spawn. They trap adventurers for sacrifice to their dark god and swallow the souls of the unwary. The place is partially alive and very evil. 

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