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1d10 Random Places of The Damned And Chaotic In The Wastelands Table For Your Old School Campaigns

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There are places where the deaths of so many innocents have split the anvil of the skies and cracked the walls of the Hells. Here the power of the damned and energies of the Abyss itself howls into the local time space continuum. These energies are there for any wizard to exploit but beware for these can tear the very structure of what it means to be human. These energies roil from the very cold depths of the Outer Darkness but they come with a price. Mutation,mayhem, and pure evil rolls out of these places with abandoned. They are fought over and coveted by dark cults of sorcery and wizards who wish to exploit such excellent resources.
Monsters demons and horrors crawl from the very depths of  the Hells themselves and monsters of all stripes gather at these places. Demons and devils come to strike pacts with mortals of all walks of life whist nameless things crawl from the depth. Adventurers often come here to gain entrance to the planes of the damned and seek treasures as well as relics 

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1d10 Random Places of The Damned And Chaotic In The Wastelands Table
  1. An ancient site where a clan of assassins brought down a demon from the stars onto a village and killed hundreds. The skies are still blotted with the poisonous act. The ground is mutated and cracks but the place grants 1d4 spells of an evil nature but the wizard must make a mutation check after using an ancient rite to contact the weird powers of the damned who wait on the otherside. The entrance to hell is in the side of a cliff face near by. 
  2. This place was the death site for an ancient demon lord whose own queen betrayed him to his greatest rival. His essence is trapped here for all eternity watching and waiting while his rival uses his essence to strike pacts and bargains with wizards. He will grant 1d6 spells but will ask for 1d4 points of primary attributes from the fool who bargains with him. An ancient cult watches over the site. 
  3. A communion of souls of damned have been gathered here hovering over an ancient interference to the Abyss, the place roils with mutational energies and 1d4 spells will be granted to the fool who uses this place. But there are 1d30 zombies who randomly burst forth from the ground here at any time as reality is cloth cheese here. 
  4. This site is the home to a Hell mouth that boils with demonic glee at reality. It loves to grant spells and pit rival demon worshiping cults against each other. It will grant 1d4 spells but once used the wizard becomes the perfect prey for the mouth which will try to devour the fool and send him straight to the Abyss or random plane of Hell. 
  5. This is a place where demonic elemental forces have cracked reality and the seas boil with storms, thousands of ships have wrecked themselves on the rocks of the place, while demonic deep ones feast on the souls and flesh of the victims. The dark gods of murder will grant the fool 1d6 spells of watery foulness but the fool wizard will gain 1d4 mutations. And must murder someone in this place. 
  6. This ancient stone pile guards an entrance to the planes of the Abyss where ancient gods go to die. Here powerful demons hold court and see new fools for pacts. The very air seethes with the energies of change and any who is here for 1d6 hours must make a mutation check or gain 1d8 mutations of a demonic nature. The demons will grant 1d4 minor spells of dark and sinful natures. 
  7. An ancient witch killed an enter town here once by spells and gave their souls over to her devilish master for sacrifice. The barriers here are cracked and broken. The veil is rend and only an angel keeps watch here. The devil will come when a bells is run three times and will expect a pact for the summoner's soul. He will grant 1d6 spells and fill the fool's mind with visions of the true nature of the universe. The fool will also find 1d4 minor mutations with no check at all. 
  8. This place is filled with ancient Lovecraftian demonic machines now wrecked and ruined, they leak strange radiations and will summon an entire demonic court. The things will expect your soul in exchange for 1d6 spells of a horrid nature but they bath you in their energies which will cause horrid mutations. 
  9. This horror filled place is the site of an ancient plague that swept away the entire population of the countryside. The place is the resting place for a demonic Lovecraftian god of disease and terror. The thing will answer any summons and come bathing the summoner in its deadly embrace. It will grant 1d6 spells and the fool's body will course with disease filled visions and mutations. It may open a portal to its home plane on the Abyss if you are truly unlucky. 
  10. The very air here cracks with the energies of the damned and Hell will not be denied. The air will split and a gate will open to the cold Hells of the Outer Darkness. Demonic alien wizards will answer the call and the summoner must make a pact or be damned. The things require 1d6 years of service and will grant 1d6 spells but the mutations start from the dark arts that course through the air regardless. 

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