Monday, March 16, 2015

Free OSR Monster - The Luminous Bristle-Maw From Heretic Works For Your Old School Campaigns

I was poking around the old Hereticworks blog today because I need a brand new monster for an upcoming campaign and lord know a DM can't have too many monsters. I remembered that there was an open Game Content creature, The Luminous Bristle-Maw was the sort of creature I'm going for. A malleable and creatively elastic creation that can suit anything from a quiet country ruin to some dark, dank, and flexible urban sprawling ruins in the wastelands. Garrison James did a nice job with the monster. If free to use and mold in to the sort of horror you might need and that's exactly the sort of plan I've got in mind for an upcoming game campaign.
Special Thanks to Heretic Works.


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