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Liberation of the Demon Slayer Adventure From Kort'thalis Publishing For Your Old School Campaigns

   There are modules and then there are absolutely bad ass modules that hit all of the high points of parts of my favorite bits of old school gaming. Namely the stuff that plugs right into the Satanic panic era, well I'm happy to report that Venger Satanis's Liberation of the Demon Slayer adventure plugs & surpasses my wildest expectations in spades. This is a module filled with nudity, depravity, demons, Lovecraftian horror, and lots of AD&D 1st edition and OSRIC filled nightmare fuel for your PC's.

This is a module with lots of nudity,sexual content,adult situations and magickal context.
 Not for children! Are we clear!
You must be this tall to enjoy the ride.

Grab It Right
Still with me? Well Liberation of the Demon Slayer  is an adventure that will challenge your adventurers on every level. This is an adventure where the stars are right and the gates have opened! This is not a standard adventure, its a throwback to a dark,gritty,dirty, & blood soaked sword and sorcery!

This adventure reminds me of some of the golden age of swords and sorcery comic magazines. There is a bit of Conan,lots of Lovecraft, and lots of twists. At first it seems as if its going to be a straight forward gonzo exploitation adventure.Don't let that fool you,this module takes a bunch of zero level PC's and twists them into a hard core adventurers by rote,hook,and dagger. Or the adventure's elements will kill them dead and beyond a resurrection spell. Not even a spider cult could bring them back.
The adventure starts off with a simple quest for a legendary magic item against the back drop of a demonic and devil laden invasion with a ton of other elements happening in the background & none of it is pleasant for PC's. Does this mean that the adventure is unplayable, not at all. This is an adventure with a clear cut boundaries of the good, the bad, and the Lovecraftian. PC's are motivated to be the heroes that their supposed to be and then their pushed beyond.
  A small word about the maps of Dyson Logos here, their works of art and very,very,well done. They fit the tone of the module and then some. This is an adventure that possibly could have been advertised in the back of Heavy Metal or some of the underground fanzines for D&D or AD&D back in the early 80's. And that's fine, this isn't a politically correct module & thank Cthulhu for some favors because its certainly not going to be on your PC's. Time space and magick don't mix and here we see this in laid out in all its demonic glory. Which brings up the 1st part of this module,which some folks might miss. This isn't simply another adult themed adventure. This is an adult themed demonic Lovecraftian adventure with an entire source book glued into its background as part of a campaign resource. Venger is a very clever fellow because of its first edition AD&D old school DNA this module can easily be tailored into a full blown campaign back story adventure with hooks the PC's in for the long haul. And that's what it does in a twisted,gruesome,pulpy morass of adventure encounters. Many of the ideals and setting material fit the Lamentations of the Flame Princess rpg system quite nicely.
Is it worth the entry fee to get involved in this module? Yes! This is a campaign world begging for heroes. And by Orcus's horns your PC's better be those heroes! Or you'll die trying!
Using Liberation of the Demon Slayer
In Your Old School Campaigns

   Did you ever wonder what those wizards messing around with the local time space continuum might do? Well Liberation of The Demon Slayer might be your demonic invasion filled answer. The encounters are cruel as hell itself and there's plenty of time to find out. In point of fact, this is good starting module to forge PC's who might have a chance even though it might be a slim one of being able to survive the trials and tribulations of Carcosa. Between the magic items, treasures, demonic and devil laden monsters and otherwise. This module provides a plethora of opportunities to become familiar with the operations of demonic and cults of the Old Ones. In point of fact I would take the PC's on a jaunt from Liberation's setting to Carcosa then to The Islands of Purple-Haunted Putrescence and beyond. 
  System wise there are a myriad of options laid bare here from the Lamentations of The Flame Princess rpg system,OSRIC,Fantastic Heroes and Witchery, and even 'gasp' Astonishing Swordsmen and Sorcerers of Hyperborea rpg system. Which I actually think fits this adventure as well. And in point of fact might be one of the options on the table for running this module. 
The fact that this module includes so much for its price of admission means that there is a ton of old school table top utility in this one.

Venger supports this module with his The Baleful Sorcerer of Tsathag'kha Available for Free HERE

And his Three Swordsmen add on available FOR FREE  right HERE

 Note: This module isn't for the easily offended and its adult content doesn't offend me in the least. I know and understand Venger's psychotronic movie and setting idea fix here; something that I not only understand but appreciate. If the adult themes are not your cup of tea then there's a simple solution, don't buy this module and play it. If the themes and setting of Liberation of the Demon Slayer are right up your alley and you think that you can handle it. Grab this one, I want a physical copy of Liberation of the Demon Slayer and want to run it at my table. 


  1. I appreciate the review, hoss. I'm glad you found it to your liking. ;)

  2. Yeah it works for me on a number of levels. Hoping to see more from the Satanis line very soon. Cheers!


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