Tuesday, March 10, 2015

1d10 Random Minor Super Science Finds From The Ruins Table For Your Old School Campaign

Here's a table of minor treasures and weird super science finds that can cause your adventurers more questions then answers when they come up in the wastelands. Some of these can alter the lives of their owners but are not significant enough to cause the campaign to alter one bit. These may leave the PC's with more questions then they really answer. 

1d10 Random Minor Super Science Finds From The Ruins Table

  1. A small thin slice of micro metal that holds within its bound the soul of a sorcerer. The thing has his soul and he is both aware of being dead but able to access all kinds of super science finds. Able to cast 1d8 spells for your old school campaigns. 
  2. A strange cross like holy symbol that once per day can cast a symbol of insanity or Law to hold certain undead horrors at bay. 
  3. This small treasure chest like object is actually a cell recharger able to deal with 1d8 recharges once  per day because of the mini reactor 
  4. A small dagger which is actually a complicated minor A.I. but it is also a treasure map all in one. 
  5. A small cube that actually contains a solidified &  spirit of Law who must answer certain questions 
  6. A small crystal sculpture which is actually a psychic lens and adds +3 to an damage caused by your PC's psychic powers. There is a 10 % chance of going completely insane from a flaw in the contact matrix. 
  7. A ring of brass and something else that causes it to glow with a weird inner light. This piece enables its owner to summon a minor flock of mutant beasts once per day. 
  8. A wand of jet and black that is fitted with psychic circuitry, this object can teleport and individual psychic powers slide off as if the PC is not there. 
  9. A small statue of jade material that glows in the presence of the Great Old Ones and their followers. The thing will form into perfect patterns alone if the owner activates the object. A zone of protection extends from the owner in a twenty yard radius, 
  10. This minor key and artifact are powers drawn from  a much larger construct. Any old ones touch will  activate the half forgotten relic within in half  a turn. Arches of electricity and power issue from within this  thing. & do 3d6 points of damage. Repeated use of this artifact may attract the gaze of Cthulhu. 

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