Saturday, March 21, 2015

Giant Mutated Vampire Crabs For Your Old School Campaigns

Frequency: Rare 
Number appearing: 1d4

Armor Class: 3 
Hit Dice: 4 
% in Lair: 3%
Treasure type: D
No of Attacks 3 
Damage: 3d8/2-8/2-8
Special Attacks Acidic Bite 3d8
Special Defenses: Nil 
Magic Resistance: Standard 
Intelligence: Non
Size: Large (4'+dia)
Psionic Ability: Nil 
Attack/Defense Modes:Nil 

Found in waterways and areas of magical contamination the Giant mutant vampire crab is a recent addition to the wastelands and shallow waterways around the ruins of the formally great city states of Atlantis. These fast moving and swift hunters are almost completely mindless and move with a quickness that belies the bright hues of their thick shells. They swiftly move over to their prey and bite for 3d6 points of damage which injects an acidic venom that liquefies the body of the victim for 1d4 points of damage per round. Claws do 2-8/2-8 points of damage as the crab slices and dices the victim The crab quickly moves in and lops off limbs,legs, or any bits of its victim to be carried off to be eaten in its lair. They tend to hide and surprise prey. They often surprise ambushed prey on a 1-4 result on a 6 sided dice. And quickly bite before the victims can react. The powerful piercing fangs ignore most armor even some of the harder metals.  These aquatic monsters will sport 1d6 random mutations making them even more of a hazard. They have been known to range quite far onto land such as tropical islands,grottoes, and other locations.There are certain varieties of giant mutated vampire crabs that use pack tactics to hunt and bring down large monster prey animals.  
The crabs often collect small shiny objects,treasures, or remains to attract females of the species. These trinkets are often piled outside of the small enclosed cracks and water laden caverns that these large mutated horrors use for homes.
Many jaded Atlantian royalty or wizard priests of Lemuria have been known to keep these horrors as pets to destroy sacrifices to their ancient and all powerful gods of the sea.

Note that this is a variation on a monster created by my friend Clint Staples for the Rune Quest version of this monster see HERE

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