Friday, March 27, 2015

1d10 Random High Level Sarcophagus Finds Table For Your Old School Campaigns

There are extensive weird sarcophagus in many of the crypts out in the wastelands for adventurers to find, some of the most dangerous inhabitants of crypts and other extensive grave yards and ancient cemeteries are simply waiting to claim adventurers to their own final rewards. Here's a listing of some of the most unusual and dangerous horrors out in the middle of the Accursed Atlantis wastes.

There is a 30% chance of a trap being in place in a crypt or upon one of these ancient caches of remains to keep PC's on their toes. Check your old school set of rules for a matrix table of possible traps and tricks waiting in the wings for the careless adventurer. 

1d10 Random High Level Sarcophagus Finds Table

  1. This extensive fifteen foot marble like stone coffin shaped object is the final resting place for a very large alien god thing. The horror is surrounded by weird golden metallic artifacts worth 4000 gold pieces but carrying a strange alien fungus upon them. 
  2. Every inch of this coffin shaped mechanism holds ancient magical writing upon it. It is actually a spell book like set of weird writing that contains 1d10 spells. There is a 10% chance that by merely glancing at them an ancient curse of wraith will be put upon the head of the reader. Inside a strange bird headed lich rests. The thing will be very pissed off at having its eternal rest disturbed. It has treasure type C inside buried with it. 
  3. This alien looking bio mechanical coffin shaped box contains two alien bio mechanoid things fused together eons ago. They will telepathically share 1d4 spells of a necrotic nature but the experience will drive the victim temporarily mad. He will be stunned for 1d4 days afterward.The box contains type Q artifacts. 
  4. This elaborate gold and silver nine foot long box contains, nothing. Raiders were here before you but the box is worth 700 gold pieces. And there's a wand of alchemy in the bottom of the box but you've got to search. 
  5. This box contains a giant cat mutant monster undead and it will be very ticked if woke up. There are several sets of silver chains binding it in place worth 5000 gold pieces including several semi precious gems. 
  6. This crypt contains a sleeping adventurer who has been secreted with 60000 gold pieces worth of gold and books. But a major demon lord watches over her. She has a demon blade by her side and she is a 7th level fighter. 
  7. An ancient alien astronaut wight sleeps the dreamless sleep of ages but holds a dangerous grudge against humanity. The thing is armed with an energy weapon and several charged clips. The weapon is easily worth 7000 gold pieces to the right wizard. 
  8. This place is home to a demon who is being tormented weekly by a wizard who has trapped the thing between worlds and seeks answers about the type C treasure in this room. The demon is likely to curse anyone who does not show mastery over it. 
  9. This crypt is home to a dimensional doorway to the first level of Hell and guarded by a dangerous soldier demon thing. There are extensive treasures here the result of other heroes dying in the past. 
  10. This crypt is the home to cult of necomancers who meet here every new moon, there is an extensive treasure vault here but it is guarded by 1d8 ju ju zombie warriors who would be happy for some action. They are armed with +1 short swords and wooden shields. 

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