Wednesday, March 11, 2015

Quick Overview Of 'The Pay What You'd Like' OSR title - How to Hexcrawl From Taskboy Games For Your Old School Campaigns

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This is a twenty four page 'pay what you want' basic primer for all things hexcrawling awesome. The hexcrawl is the unsung underbelly of the old school game that has appeared countless times over and over again. There is a reason for this, because it works so well. This pdf is a primer for this method of adventuring and goes into everything that a DM or his players might want or need to know. All of it is laid out in a step by step stereo instruction method of OSR preparation and go to it. The author knows his subject and traces down everything that you need for hexcrawling right out of the gate. 
Want to know the small history and back story to this method of adventuring, that in this title as well very quickly done with all of the ins and outs for mapping, adventuring, and more. This information can be applied across the board for any type of campaign from fantasy, sword and sorcery, and even westerns should you design it that way. 
How to Hexcrawl is the easy step by step title to get you started and even for the veteran gamer this is a good chance to brush up on your skills set and move forward with incorporating one of the best methods of old school adventuring out there. How To Hexcrawl is worth the price of admission and very well done. Money well spent if you haven't gotten into a solid title lately this is it.

Simply put this is really one of my favorite titles to read in the last couple of days and it lays everything out concisely and concretely at the feet of the DM. As a tool kit for OSR gamin you couldn't ask for anything better. A four out of five on the awesome meter folks! 

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