Thursday, September 24, 2020

The War of the Worlds Godzilla 1898! - A Troll Lord Games Victorious rpg Campaign Session Report - Fiend Folio Rumble in Lower Manhatten!

 Its about two A.M. & & we've just broken up our 
The War of the Worlds Godzilla 1898! game session tonight.  During tonight's game the players's PC's ran smack into a huge load of goat headed mutates & their chaos worshipping cult. They had their  around the downed remains of a Martian war machine in lower Manhatten. It was all out war! The party went into full on war mode as we took down every mutate we could find! 

The problem was the fact that the war machine wasn't as inactive as it first seemed! My PC changed into werewolf form & cleaved through mutates left,right, & center! But it was getting to the back of the wreck of the war machine that revealed the biggest surprise! A live Martian with a crystal egg in its clutches! My werewolf recieved a huge blast of psionic energy right in the head! 

My PC went down for the count missing his saving throw! There was also the fact that the Martian had a Grell bodyguard! That's right an honest to goodness Grell was this high ranking Martian's bodyguard. And the party's dwarf warrior went into full war mode on this thing! 

He rolled a natural twenty & got a great hit on it! But the Grell was guarding something & it seemed awfully reluctant to give it up! That's when we found the Zilla eggs! This night just got better & better! Before they could hatch our Victorian lady heroine Match lighter did her thing! She torched the entire nest as we retreated! 

The downside?! The Martian escaped! The Grell did not however! Fighting to the very last to cover its master's escape things got very weird very fast! 

Now our party of Supermankind is in rough shape. We're down ammo, weapons, & equipment so a trip to the local Hunter & Hunter is going to be in order. There's a question of where what we think might be a Martian warlord is loose in New York. We had to call in the police to arrest the human cult members. We incapacitated them but that Grell really has the party spooked. They weren't expecting it in tonight's game. 

So now its off to deal with the first church of the mind a revolting & heinous organization of mentalists, ESpers, & mentallly powered psionics who might if their in the mood for it help our party of adventurers out. We'll of course have to contibute something to the church's coffers. Meanwhile the Crimson Crusader (our paladin is on the course of the chaos energies that we saw from the Martian walker powersource. Maybe The Crimson Crusader may surive if he calls in backup if he runs into the Martians! 
Next week's Victorious rpg session is shaping up to be really dangerous stay tuned! 

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