Sunday, September 20, 2020

Review & Commentary On 'The Space Patrol' by Richard Hazlewood By Stellagama Publishing For the Cepheus Engine rpg retroclone & Old School Space Opera Campaigns


The Space Patrol! Help protect innocent lives from the scourge of space piracy! Fight interstellar crime! Let the Navy play its wargames, the real action is in the merchant lanes with the Space Patrol. Join the galaxy’s elite crime fighting organization now!"

The Space Patrol is a supplement for the Cepheus Engine rules and 2D6 SciFi OGL games. This book contains complete rules for creating Space Patrol characters with four detailed careers - complete with expanded event and mishap tables - expanded world descriptions discussing legal codes and interstellar law, a complete description of the Space Patrol’s organization, as well as its standard equipment. Busy GMs will find dozens of NPCs from all Divisions of the Space Patrol, as well as some of the Sub-Sector’s most notorious criminals. But beware: if these villains were easy to catch, they would already be behind bars."

Its been 'The Space Patrol' by Richard Hazlewood By Stellagama Publishing  this is a perfect addition to the alternative Traveller rpg navy book for the Cepheus Engine rpg retroclone.  'The Space Patrol' is solid book because it presents an alternative to the full on Navy military organization that's been a part of The Traveller rpg since forever. We get everything in a handy & easy to use package especially if the PC's need to be integrated into a mini ' Space Patrol'

We get everything from  'Space Patrol' for a campaign from random events, campaign affairs, even wanted NPC criminals, and all of the rewards that go with them. Into the deep dive of this we get equipment,  vehicles, weapons, even complete star ships. The corvettes here in   'Space Patrol' are worked up with NPC crews, add ons, & events. 

There are even  'Space Patrol' mimic star ships that cruise space lanes as 'easy targets' & are anything but.They sit &  wait on the edge of space for pirates. These things are nasty & deadly for their like mirage ships waiting for the criminal elements then the rest of   'Space Patrol' moves in! 
'The Space Patrol' by Richard Hazlewood is built to handle any type of campaign from cinematic to full on Traveller rpg war game conventions.  Richard Hazlewood knows his subject & the author is familiar name around the Traveller rpg forums & gaming groups going back quite a way. I mostly lurked & I'm actually relatively new to the Cepheus Engine scene. 
That being said I know quality writing & design when I see it. 

Could 'The Space Patrol' by Richard Hazlewood  be linked into the  These Stars Are Ours universe setting?! Possibly without issue with the stats, vehicles, etc. but thematically might actually be another story entirely. 'The Space Patrol' by Richard Hazlewood feels like it should be its own complete mini campaign entirely. This isn't a bad thing at all because it means that there's a lot of supplement here to use. Is 'The Space Patrol' by Richard Hazlewood  worth getting?! In a word hell yes! 
I can see running a complete bounty hunting campaign from the ground up using 'The Space Patrol' by Richard Hazlewood  as part of the basis with the PC's butting heads with them again & again. 

 Richard Hazlewood  knows his subject, knows it well, & has a really good grasp of the Traveller & Cepheus Engine rpg material. The Space Patrol is going to be used in several up coming campaigns & I really look forward to digging in deeper into more of Stellagama Publishing books soon! Grab 'The Space Patrol' by Richard Hazlewood  today if you wanna bust some heads & arrest those pesky space pirates unless their the PC's!? 

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