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1d10 Random Street Contacts Of The Urban Ruins Encounter Table For Your Old School Campaigns

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There are always contacts, beggars, thieves, snitches, and those willing to turn upon their fellow men. Here is a random encounter table of these wretches and scum within the ruins that dot the wastelands. All is not as it seems with these strangers and fellows, for sometimes they offer far more and less then they seem. Here then is a list of possible nemesis or party allies from among the urban ruins and cities for your old school campaigns

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1d10 Random Street Contacts
Of The Urban Ruins Encounter Table
  1. A telepathic mutant beggar who is actually a stalker and bounty hunter for a local thieves guild and works for some of the loan sharks.He is a survivor of Atlantis and uses a variety of paralytic poisons for his antics. Head of a gang of 1d6 mutant cut throats. 
  2. A cat headed mutant smuggler and bandit who uses a cybernetic hand weapon and a relic A.I. to identify potential targets. This bastard appears to be a poor street bum but is actually a lethal thief who loves magic items and has a taste for human flesh. 
  3. A small time gang of 1d8 mutant outlaws and bums who rent themselves out to the highest bidder. They love second story work and have strains of mutant spider about them.They're very good with thin knives and sell information on employers as well. Small time drug dealers as well. 
  4. A small time wizard who uses a variety of disguises to move among the lower dregs of society looking for the big relic scores.He heads a small outfit of relic hunters and bandits. About 1d6 bandits on horse back and use enchanted Lemurian magic armor. 
  5. A small time shaft shifting conman who is actually a high level assassin and wizard who moonlights as a super scientist for high level criminal organizations and thieves guilds.Hires adventurers for high risk and high profit missions. 
  6. A gang of prostitutes of mutant stock who are actually highly trained information brokers and wizardesses who are part of a network of demon worshipers.Hire adventurers to clean up certain ruins and ancient adventure locations of valuable magical relics. 
  7. A small time hustler ring of thieves who sub as beggars to size up wealthy victims and to move among the sewer systems of city states undetected. They use a variety of lower level energy weapons and magic items to take down targets. Often hire adventurers to scope out potential targets for them. Obsessed with magic items. 
  8. A small time cabal of wizards passes themselves off as fences and thieves guild brokers. They buy and sell stolen magic items,relic technology and ancient artifacts. They hire adventurers to look for rich relic caches. 
  9. A team of highly trained assassins who pass themselves off as entertainers, headed by a bard of weird aspect who is looking for a song to open a gateway to his god's plane of existence. A very dangerous group of psychos and killers who work with adventurers from time to time for treasure and target information. 
  10. A gang of cutthroats who appear to be money changers and actually knock off others of their profession. They are wizards in disguise who have 1d6 thieves with them as body guards. They often curse targets and hire adventurers to spy on other cults to retrieve information and relics. They use dangerous energy weapons. 

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