Saturday, September 19, 2020

A Great Race of Yith Artifact - The Gates Of Ma'chabogugg


Between the  Greater Outer Darkness & are universe are the Schwarzschild Vaults, places that are not quite places where hordes of Morris-Thorne wormholes are stored by the Great Race. These monstrous feats of sub quantum engineering are the stuff of legends. They could be used for a great variety of things: 

  • Moving planets & stars from one universe to another 
  • Creation of exotic conditions for the creation exotic matter 
  • Inter-planar multiversal travel 
  • The creation of a Roman ring, in theoretical physics, is a configuration of wormholes where for each individual wormhole the time difference across its mouths is such that it may not allow a closed timelike curve (CTC), or 'closed-time loop'. If these wormholes and their mouths are arranged in a suitable configuration, a closed time loop will be again possible.
  • Inter universal travel -  that a wormhole time machine with an exceedingly short time jump is a theoretical bridge between contemporaneous parallel universes & might be used as both a gate & communication device across the planar multiverse 

  • As a weapons system of tremendous cosmic destruction. There are safe guards built into the gates to prevent this however certain high ranking Yithians know the secrets & the codes for using this function. This is beyond the scope of most role playing games & should be used as a plot device instead. 
  • Access to the The Gates Of Ma'chabogugg can be had through the Necronomicon Data works or  Through the Gates psionic discipline which can only be learned through the teachings of a qualified Yithian instructor.  
  • It is known that several star systems along with their attendant stars were moved by the Yithians during their stellar engineering faze & that these gates were utilized to great effect in terraforming projects 

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