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1d20 Random Effects of The Blessings of the Meditrinalia & The Time Of Jupiter Table For Your Old School Sword & Sorcery Games


The time Of The Meditrinalia is celebrated with the power of &  honor of the new vintage, which was offered as libations to the gods for the first time each year.The festival may have been so called from medendo, because the Romans then began to drink new wine, which they mixed with old and which served them instead of physic. This feastival was strongly connected with Jupiter. And it also connected with the goddess Meditrina. She is the Roman goddess of health, longevity and wine, with an etymological meaning of "healer" suggested by some. In certain occult circles she is strongly associated with the goddess Isis. 

Healing rites & rituals performed during the time Of The Meditrinalia have added benefits to those under the menstruation's of the priestesses.  They are blessed by Jupiter & may receive the added effects of the mixed wines. These wines are often consumed by those who are under going the affects of a cure light or heavy wounds spells to gain the added benefits & blessings of both Meditrina & Jupiter. 

1d20 Random Effects of The Blessings of the Meditrinalia
& The Time Of Jupiter  Table

  1. The supplicant receives the wine & through it gains +2 to their constitution for the rest of the year. 
  2. By the wine several battle scars heal & restore 1d4 points of Charisma or the supplicant gains it. 
  3. The recipitant receives 1d3 addition languages dripped into their mind by Jupiter himself. 
  4. Several minor Roman animal sacred to Jupiter begin to appear to the supplicant. 
  5. Several eagles fly over head to warn the adventurer during crucial times for 1d6 months. 
  6. The recipient is blessed by several large cats that will follow the victim around to guide them to clues & stashes of knowledge. 
  7. A grand insight happens to the PC & they begin to think very carefully about their lives & they gain a +1 to begin to invest upon any actions to do with establishing their own house hold. 
  8. The PC receives a bottle of extremely good wine worth 2000 gold pieces. 
  9. There is a special offering of 120  gold pieces for the PC. A gift from Jupiter about his favor. 
  10. The PC is given a healing potion to use as they see fit. 
  11. An effigy of the supplicant is given to them & for 1d8 months everything will happen to doll instead of themselves. 
  12. There is a sacred pig to Jupiter that is given to the PC for sacrifice. If the deed is performed the PC gains +2 to any rolls. 
  13. A small knife is given to the PC that is used for blood sacrifices, they gain +2 to do any rolls for 1d4 hours. 
  14. The supplicant gains +3 to their hit points should they need to  heal extra 
  15. A guardian spirit of Jupiter watches over the supplicant for 1d6 days. 
  16. 1d6 motley fools appear to harass the enemies of the PC providing the enemies appear 
  17. Any poison within the PC is neutralized & they gain their hit points back. 
  18. The PC finds 100 gold pieces in their pockets & this is the perfect time to get in on the latest from Jupiter's charities! 
  19. A lighting strike on a near by body of water turns the water into a healing potion mix for anyone who drinks from it. 
  20. The PC gains on his or her saving throws a +3 involving sorcery or witchcraft. 

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