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The House of Fenwick's Purveyors of Fine Artifacts & Forbidden Objects & Machines Of The Lesser Machine Plane - Two OSR Campaign Factions For Your Old School & Retroclone Games

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 Half way between several Heavens, an alternatively modern  Hell or two, & around the corner from a deserted Limbo is The House of Fenwicks. Fenwick's are the purveyors of fine artifacts, antiques, & forbidden objects. Operating since the beginning of time or the 12th century of yesteryear, Fenwicks are the very best at acquiring, gathering, & selling artifacts of an arcane nature. These incredible merchants reside on a mini plane ready to do business at the drop a hat.
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They employ only the very best adventurers, scientists, merchants, & traders to act as their agents. They move throughout the planes buying, selling, stealing, & setting up shop so that others might have the tools of the adventuring trade they need.
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Fenwick's has a unique set of mini planar storage units that house thousands of units in a single dimension. These millions of units are put into operation once a god, devil, lich, or other threat is taken down. They are the ones to call to move in & take possession of the loot.

Random Evalution table 1d10 
  1. I'm so sorry but the market will not bare this artifact its simply out of fashion right now 40% mark down from the value. 
  2. Fantastic we are looking for those 15% up sell from market value. 
  3. Those are dangerous & unstable we can't use those. 
  4. That item is exactly the sort of thing I've got a client for I'll give you 400 gold pieces for it.
  5. The cost of doing business has gone up. We'll give you 10% less for that. 
  6. This is a fake, I'll not pay a penny over 100 gold pieces 
  7. This isn't a real one, & besides its only has 3 charges left 
  8. Are you sure that you want to sell that? I can get you a good price at 10% of the list 
  9. That's a real one for sure 20% of market value 
  10. The god, demon is sure to come after you. Here's 50 gold pieces & we'll take care of your funeral arrangement 
 Fenwick's moves through out the planes & yet who or what runs the organization is a mystery. There are those who have broken into their dimensional ware houses only to be found buried under the pop cultural debris of a thousand worlds. They've been drained dry & their eye sockets empty!
There is a 40% that they may have a given item & that they are willing to sell it! More often then not favors & errands are expected for items instead. These favors can be called in weeks, months, even years later!
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A random encounter listing for objects in Fenwicks 1d10 
  1. A bottle of tears of an innocent man - The bottle slowly cries to itself at night but an application of the stuff will keep an angel, devil, or demon at bay for 1d6 rounds. 8 applications 
  2. The dram of moon beams - This jar of moon beams will allow one to woo the girl or guy of their dreams. The stuff will subject the person to lycanthropy though unless a saving throw is made! 
  3. Prism of  A God's Light - This piece of glass shows things & objects as they really are. Illusions & the like are disbelieved with a +1 on all rolls but it really does show how things are fascinating really. A successful saving throw might make you look away but why not another peak? 
  4. Statue of Bast - This statue animates at night & will act as a pet & companion but wants to be fed a spell every night. The cat must report to the goddess but what does in report? 
  5. Wand of Indecision - 5 charge want that makes any one hit not sure what do next for 1d4 rounds. What was it we were doing? 
  6. The Flesh Magazine -  A magazine of sleaze, smut, & spells of living flesh that whispers forbidden spells to the owner. 1d4 spells every 1d6 days unless it doesn't feel like talking 
  7. The Baubles of  Ra - A small orb no bigger then 2 inches round that shows a sunny day in a desert. If smashed does 1d6 points of damage to the target. Very rare because there is a 10 % of summoning the god himself 
  8. The scales of  Namor - Named after some ancient fish god, these scales weigh the courage of anyone standing near them. Supposedly used to choose a champion but also work well under water. 
  9. The watch of  Father Time- An ancient time piece created by a super hero from some alternative universe. Acts as a hold spell each time it is used. Three charges left 
  10. The universal remote - Broken! 
File:Monastiraki flea market antiques street.jpg

Rates & such
Fenwicks always acts through its agents traveling the planes. They will hire adventurers in the local currency at  10 % normal rates. The job must be completed & they will cover funeral costs but never resurrection or the like. They pay on time & any double crosses will dealt with swiftly & without mercy! 

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Be sure to visit your local Fenwick's today for the best deals on magic swords, wands, & other  objects of the forbidden! 

Machines Of The Lesser Machine Plane

The Astronaut cult of  Machine Order are granted certain incredible devices from within the well ordered trans hyper spaces between the plane itself . These devices are granted & created from within the body of the servants of the Great Ones. The following is a simple overview of the vast selection of items available to its worshipers & attendants:
The Great Tool - A leg/staff from one of the servitors of  Order & the great algorithm. This staff is capable of reweaving minor rends in the greater reality of an object. Those with this item are able to pin point the weaknesses in arguments, fights, & many social situations with a successful Charisma roll. The staff will always show the way to the owner's heart's desire. It will add +2 to any repair rolls as the staff breaks down into a wide array of 1d8 tools that are needed for that repair. The staff will manufacture many smaller parts for said repairs as well as long as the part doesn't exceed 12 inches long. Finally the staff acts as a +1 weapon against the servants of misrule & madness.
The Watch Of Progress - This instrument is capable of measuring the subtle interactions of life. The dreams of prosperity to the chances of success. This jeweled piece of crystallized order has within its gears a spirit of greater law. Anyone wearing this time piece will always be on time & it allows one to add +2 to to their charisma in matters of finance, love, & many other endeavors. There is a down side as well, the piece must be feed on the user's dreams once a month. The person will feel drained & unable to use his super science power s for one solid week.

The Tarot of  The Justice Maker  -This incredible stack of cards are part of the insignia of the Justice Maker of Order. These cards show the shortest, most direct, & right course of action to the balance of the universe. The tarot will draw one card itself when asked & expand into a suit of cards in three dimensions as a moving hologram. Each card is razor sharp & can do 1d6 points of damage to anyone who miss handles the cards or stands in the way of the card's "owner" The cards seek to address the wrongs committed within a 50 mile range of the person holding them. They will compel the owner to seek the wrong out & will redress it with their help.
The Hang Man's Wound - A mark given to especially favored servants of  order in the form of a rope burn around the neck. This burn is made by the knotted noose of a greater servitor & gives the person receiving it several super science powers:

  • Empathy
  • Danger Sense 
  • True Sight 
  • Z-ray 
  • The Gripping Hand Of Justice -The person is able to at a range of 20 feet make attack that does 1d6 points of damage as the person's  planar life essence is squeezed. This is only done to those who have committed heinous acts against order & justice. 
The Lesser Mechanism- The ultimate weapon of order this strange device can look like any number of super science mechanisms. The machine itself is actually a planar spirit of order given form. It may sit quietly until it detects a rend in the fabric of reality or a creature of misrule or madness. Then it will change form into a fully formed giant scorpion of spun glass & hate.

No. Enc.: 1
Alignment: Neutral (Inimical)
Move: 120'(40’)
Armor Class: 5
Hit Dice: 6
Attacks: 3
Damage: 1d8 (plus special)
Morale: 8

    The pencers each do 1d8 points of damage. The sting of this creature does 1d8 but also injects a venom which will force a victim to become ordered within its reality. This often will cause the death of the creature in question unless a save vs death is made. The victim will seem less live, listless, & slightly out of sink with the rest of reality.
    These mechanisms are often seen as a curse by their owners as they murmur & sing of the perfect waters of order & the boundless joys of reason. The mechanisms are often seen as the ultimate in perfection & unity by certain cults. They are often summoned at great expense as the cults have to burn cursed spell books & artifacts of chaos to summon these creatures to prove their devote to the lords of order themselves.

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