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1d20 Random Lovecraftain Ghoul Encounter Table For Your Old School Campaigns

 There are monsters in the night that haunt the grave ravaged edges of the world, these corpse feeders come at blackest points of midnight from the depths of Hell and the ravaged world of dreams. Adventurers who encounters the foul fiends in the dark of night seldom forget such meetings and often times carry the signs of such events as scars to their own graves.

“There have been times when only a hair's-breadth has intervened betwixt myself and the seething devil-ridden world of madness; for the hideous knowledge, the horror- blackened memories which I have carried so long, were never meant to be borne by the human intellect. ”
― Clark Ashton Smith

Those who dare to tread in between worlds have reported encounters with these feeders of the dead on many worlds and beyond. Here then is a 1d20 encounter table to bedevil your own adventurers with such monsters and their kin.

1d20 Random Ghoul Encounter Table

  1. Hmauthavatul The Immortal Queen was once the guardian of a race of Atlantis's finest royals and now has been turned into a feeder of the wretched dead but she remembers her former glory and retains a fourth level in black wizard casting abilities
  2. Ithurot is a ghoul who walks between worlds stalking the alien grave yards of gods long dead for paritularly power magic and sorcery as well decayed meat of the gods. He hates adventurers with a passion and is armed with a +2 short sword taken from a fallen prince.
  3. Ldurarg is a silent stalker among the stars who seeks to carve out his own niche in the realm of the living and dead by carving the meat from the graves of long dead kings.
  4. Nthamo of the Banished Ones is a royal ghoul and on a mission to recover the moldering books of the damned gods from a long forgotten tomb and he is willing to pay in favors and 500 gold pieces. Armed with a +2 short sword named Scaly King he seeks his prize upon a variety of sunless worlds.
  5. Orcargl is a silent stalker among the black stars for the livers of adventurers and is quite psychotic as well as dangerous..
  6. Hakekeghorsa is the last prince of a dying tribe of ancient ghouls who devour the honored dead of alien worlds. He is on a mission to locate an ancient artifact of his people.
  7. Ho-en is a dark priest of the elder ones and looking for adventurers to join him in a quest into the black underworld's hellish depths to recover his queen.
  8. Iaiabho is a dangerous monster who seeks a wizard of great power to free his tribe from a curse by an ancient god, he can be very dangerous because of his zeal and hunger. He carries a spear and round shield of ancient design which can slay ghosts and other undead.
  9. Igh-saIqugogo is the blind and dangerous priest of the black gods, he is a powerful wizard of 6th level of the blackest aspect who seeks others to help him recover the lidless eye of power from the ancient world of the Re'ruo. He is willing to pay in gold and minor favors.
  10. Durg'a is a ghoul princess who looks quite human and yet seeks adventurers to help free her brothers who have been kidnapped by a powerful wizard. She is a 6th level cleric and will turn on her rescuers once her monstrous brothers are free. 
  11.  Erdunau Ethalimm is a prince among ghoul kind who is seeking to restore the honor among his family by eating the dead of his royal betrayers but he needs adventurers to help him kill the guardians of grave yard of dead dreams. He promises treasure and relics.
  12. Arngo Illiairgobel The Thirty Third is a wizard of ninth level and the former adviser to a court of the the least gods. This being seeks adventurers to help him on a quest into the Dreamlands underworld to make contact with his master and recover a powerful artifact.
  13. Ustthla is a priest of Yog Nothroa a powerful ghoul who has ascended beyond undeath to become one with the blackness of eternity. He seeks his master's advice on a matter of royal birth and treasure, he needs adventurers to help him on his quest.
  14. Yggg a silent stalker and assassin of adventurers who is on the trail of the party, he eats the eyes and livers of his victims and is armed with a variety of silent and deadly weapons. He hates adventurers with a cold and dispassionate lack of emotion. He loves to take wizards first and cut the heads off as warning of his coming.
  15. Yibolog-dhug is a very dangerous wizard in his own right and often stalks lesser beings between the stars to kidnap and sacrifice his victims under the dark unlight of dead god's heads which act as black stars around alien worlds. He seldom bargains and loves to kill his victims in flashy and dramatic ways. He has 1d3 minor relics on him.
  16. Zsthust has gone on to become a monster after losing his ability to reason, he has a tower in the dreamland's underworld and upon his person a map to his tower. He has been an outlaw in the kingdoms of the ghouls for centuries and has many treasures and wonders in his vaults.
  17. Caurgl Ethan're is a duke among the kingdoms of the dead and seeks some of the living to help him recover the soul of a royal who has passed on prematurely. He is willing to share several maps to minor ruins.
  18. Giame Haurng is a masked ghoul wizard who is looking for adventurers to accompany him on an epic journey to other worlds and especially one that has a very wealthy treasure on it. This is all a lie and this ghoul wishes to sacrifice you and your party to a great old one for power and magick.
  19. Hururi Iarilathar is one of the last beings from a dying Earth of the far future who has been turned into a ghoul by his exposure to chaos and weird alien radiations. He knows the caches to several high end future treasure vaults but wants help with a quest to recover a 'cure' for his ghouldom. Actually he wants a party of adventurers to accompany him to his ritual death.
  20. Irotuthmmabali is a dangerous ghoul slaver and inter dimensional arms dealer who has several caches of artifacts that need to be returned to his black wizard master. Guess whose been elected for body guard work? He will eat any who fall in battle to honor their memory.

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