Tuesday, September 22, 2020

1d20 'What's Inside The Dead Space Adventurer' Random Table For Your Old School Campaigns

 There's sometimes when parties of adventurers come across derelict space or other strange craft floating in the dark bowels of interstellar space or upon the surface of weird planets or asteroids. These strange encounters often still have the victims or former pilots of these vehicles still behind the wheel or other instruments. Often times these victims of circumstances are not alone in the depths of space. Here is a handy chart of 1d20 relics, weirdness, and deadly encounters with what might be inside the dead adventurer's corpse or body.

1d20 'What's Inside The Dead Space Adventurer' Random Table
  1. All of the veins and internal organs have turned to semi precious crystals and they glow with an internal light. They're worth 1d100 credits. 
  2. Another adventurer's hand has teleported into the torso of the adventurer, a strange ring of gold and diamond rests on the corpse's hand worth a cool five hundred credits. 
  3. A ray gun with three extra energy clips have been sewn into the corpse. Worth about 4,000 credits to the right buyer. 
  4. A small  cosmic box that 's contains six cosmic spirits that control the lesser material planes at will with superior elemental magic and super science. There is a 20% chance of that one of these bastard trying to possesses of the nearest adventurer to carry out its unholy desires.
  5. A ring of gold and jet that allows the owner to peer into the souls of men twice per day. 
  6. A classic walk man with a Back to The Future sound track tape within it. 
  7. The stomach of this man contains a nest of parasitic worms and other weird life forms. 
  8. 1d4 major gem stones with special bio plastic housing so they don't get made a part of the sewer cocktail you 
  9. A time travel device about the size of a stop watch with its housing blinking into the red zone. Handling this device will make a character lose 1d10 years. 
  10. +2 ritual dagger of the Cthulhu cult that bleeds in the presence of danger. Worth 1000 credits 
  11. A crystal of preserved soul stuff that allows the owner to speak with the dead or throw a 2d6 damage fire ball twice per day. 
  12. A pack of matches from some worthy dangerous dive with an owner from from the same club trailing 
  13. The head of a walking stick that contains the soul fragments from a from a former interstellar colony. 
  14. A preserved brain fragment  of some dangerous and bold criminal. The fragment is very valuable to the right buyer. The fragment pulses with an inner glow, its worth about 1000 credits 
  15. A strange worm like  life  that actually contents the memories of each of its former owners. Those that use this device will gain 1d4 skills temporarily. The worm is worth 300 credits and is considered a very valuable to the right cults. 
  16. A crystal skull with 1d6 mental powers, the skull was lost eons ago and has the ability to open doors into other dimensions. 
  17. A silver key that is able to open the doors of perception and allows the owner open gateways into other alternative worlds. 
  18. A stuffed rabbit that goes by the name of Thomas and its looking for its former owner and may take over the the body of its owner to carry out its twisted agenda. Worth 600 credits because of the incredible symbolic secret meanings. This ring allows one to cast a protection from evil spell once per day. 
  19. Three energy cells and a micro blaster worth 600 credits because of the blaster's  age. 
  20.  Seven scrolls created by the cult of Cthulhu for summoning some dark and very dangerous Lovecraftian demons.

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