Friday, September 25, 2020

Gods, Orcus, & Metal - Heavy Metal Ambush Session Report

 Things have really been moving in the  Godbound /Cha'alt game  out in the middle of the California desert.  Several of the cults of elemental evil, yes that Elemental Evil have cropped up. And they've been put down as soon as the PC's learned of their true nature. 

The party is now bound & determined to get a hold of the Rod of Orcus that's been moving from one owner to another in the Nevada desert. The artifact has been animating hordes of undead & zombies into a massive army. This thing has been like magnet of negative planar energy! 

The rod itself was guarded by a champion of Orcus within an otherworldly temple that had appeared on one of the night roads. 
About ninety percent of the party is convinced that the rod was the real deal. They've already dealt with & have almost had the floor whipped out from under them by the  champion of orcus himself! It took the combined might of seven player's PC to put him down! 

The party of foo erm adventurers is going back to the Incel cantina on Cha'alt to bargain for more high technology or occult weaponry. Because of the Cha'alt wave no real world technologies work any more. They were intercepted by the undead  heavy metal band 'Dripping Force' lead by a skeletal demonic necromancer of Orcus himself! A godbound named Hans Bonehands was the lead, he packed the word of death, several spells backed up, & he eventually called in two undead horrors from 
 Neoplastic Press's Teratic Tome. Because the undead & horrors in that book are really the 'big guns'! 

The band's skeltal manager demon took down the party's paladin/godbound with a craft dagger between the shoulder blades! The lead gutarist came through with a sonic guitar solo that shattered two of the party's ear drums after two failed saving throws. Don't worry they were healed later on. 

It took a combined push from all of the players to destroy these bastard rockers! And yes this was a full on push to get the rod back by the band! Then the party went on a rampage destroying the band's van, undead ghoul fan groupies, and any trace that they existed! 

Then the player's PC's  went back to make sure that there wasn't a single spec of the undead around there! The party checked for about five miles in every direction of the California desert. So all together I'd say that it had been a successful run of the Metallic Tome! 

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