Tuesday, September 22, 2020

Mohr Or Less - An OSR Review For ' Ghost Ship' A 'Pay What You Want' Adventure By Joseph Mohr for the Cepheus Engine Rpg or Your Old School Space Opera Campaigns

 "The Yamikara Corporation is a reputable transport company. But they lost an important cargo a few years back and now they want it recovered. But this will be no easy extraction. For there are others who also want the cargo. And the space in which the lost ship is located is dangerous. Very dangerous!"

Joseph Mohr's Ghost Ship is 'pay what you want'  a mid range Cepheus Engine rpg adventure, a good & easily modified adventure. This isn't an outstanding or 'light the world on fire adventure', this is a a good solid, tool box style adventure with a corporate style background;"The Yamikura Corporation is known for it’s transportation services. It has a stellar reputation across the Sonora Sector for reliability. Many corporations use the services of this corporation to get important equipment safely through hostile and dangerous parts of the sector. But even the best sometimes have failures. And so it is with the Yamikura Corporation. About five years ago they lost a cargo for a very important client. They would dearly love to recover that cargo and are quite willing to pay for it should the opportunity arise. Fortunately....such an opportunity may be at hand."It does what it says its gonna do on the tin & to take on a hight stakes gambit ship recovery. Of course not everything is as it seems at all. The layout is easy on the eyes, the artwork is servicable, & 'Ghost Ship' presents itself amirably. 
The party is a part of an interstellar long job & there's lots that can go wrong here. But to be taken in by the easily downloaded 'pay what you want' adventure here might make PC's die rather spectacularly. There's a bit more happening below the surface in  'Ghost Ship'. Joseph Mohr knows his subject & knows the Cepheus Engine rpg well. But its the nods to classic Trek, the casual way that Joseph Mohr handles adventuere elements, encounters, & the little nasty bits  that makes  'Ghost Ship' really dangerous for the PC's.. 
This is straight up adventure with several twists & turns that allows the DM to adapt  'Ghost Ship'  to their own home brew campaigns. But for me this is refreshing, I've seen a ton of slick as you please Cepheus Engine rpg books lately. 

But what I haven't seen is a nice little heist with several twists, & that classic Traveller rpg style space nastiness that lurks on the edges of the game ever since the late Sevenities. 'Ghost Ship' takes on this asthetic very much in the vein of some Judge's Guild Traveller rpg products. Simple,reliable, easy to use session by session game adventures that have a charm all of their own. This is something that we see in 'Ghost Ship'. It clocks in at seventeen pages & will take several sessions to resolve but there's adventure elements here that can & may provide the PC's with death or fortune depending upon the play, luck of the dice, & choices that the players make. 
I really enjoyed the interplay of adventure elements in 'Ghost Ship' & it reminded me of many of the classic Traveller adventures. I may modify it to suit an upcoming campaign session of Cepheus or even some othere OSR rpg campaign. I'm still reading, researching, & gathering information. I was very happy that a friend of mine pointed me in the direction 'Ghost Ship' & I'm sure you will too with the right group of players. 
More Cepheus Engine rpg reviews coming up & remember keep em rolling! 

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