Tuesday, September 22, 2020

1d6 Random Chaos & Dream Tainted Finds Table For Your Old School Campaigns


When Old Earth ends & the gods dreams of realities begin to fade worlds sometimes slowly pass on but this may take thousands of years. The world seems to become less real as reality tatters under itself and things seem to pass on. The forces of law & chaos are called down to do battle once again as their champions & agents take center stage to fight their mock battles we call the apocalypse. Dreams of apocalypse allow the energies of tainted thoughts and rot enter the world through the cracks. Places, things, and even items become infused with these horrid energies.
The dead twitch and the boundaries between life & death become thinner as the old hates find their way back into the world.
“Those who dream by day are cognizant of many things which escape those who dream only by night.”
Edgar Allen Poe
Those coming across relics and antiques that have been left behind when such events occur would do well to be careful of such objects. These relics are imbued by supernatural & dream laden taint of chaos that carries with it the seeds of dream borne disease and even the plague of nightmare.

Straight razor artifact recovered by Dr.K.
Items of from these planes have a 10% chance of being laden with dream chaos energies which hover around them because of the items exposure to the reality warping supernatural auras common during apocalyptic events. Many owner of such items must make a save vs disease or poison after 1d10 months of ownership or use. These items often have special properties that make them highly desirable & collectible to their owners. Here then are 1d6 random finds that have fallen through the cracks & could be found in ruins or dungeons. There is a 70% chance that a psychic can feel the wrongness of any of these items when they are within a 10 foot radius of them.

1d6 Random Dream & Chaos Tainted Finds Table
  1. A wand of iron wood imbued with the power of a reality warping light spell like effect. Less then one hit dice monsters exposed to these energies must save vs spell or become affected as per under the influence of a 'fear' spell. When coming within a twenty foot radius the wand will make the owner truly terrifying. Three times per day the effect can be thrown upon a target within line of sight. The wand feels alive and warm to the touch of those handling it. Worth about 600 gold pieces to the right collector. 
  2. A stone of jade and jet which allows the owner to detect creators of dream and undeath within a 50 foot radius. The stone grows hot and sticky within the hand of the owner or handler of the relic. Worth 200 gold pieces. 
  3. Amulet of The Dream Devil - This twisted piece of iron is often found in the shape of a devil's head and allows the owner to feel any dream tainted  items with a ten or twenty foot radius depending upon the taint involved. The amulet also gives a certain amount of protection from the mutational effects of a dream tainted items within a five foot radius allowing any failed saving throws to be re rolled. The price is that the owner will suffer horrid nightmares after using this item.The amulet can also be used in a rite to allow a party to cross over into the darker nightmare planes and dreaming locations.
  4. Staff of the Urbanite - this staff is actually a staff of wood from a house that has been warped and mutated far beyond the norm of those places exposed to the planes of dreaming. The staff allows its owner to blink up to four times per day but their skin will feel as if its crawling with millions of insects.The staff is +2 against creatures from the dream planes. 
  5. A straight razor of reality this straight razor is an item of law with its origins deep in the dreaming. This razor has been imbued with the ability to cut down any illusion or deception that is shown to the owner. It can slice through the deep nightmare induced insanity that lurk on the edges of the planes of the mind. Worth 10000 gold pieces. 
  6. Lens of the Weird - This piece of nightmare fused glass allows the owner to gaze deeply into the world of dream that exists around the every day reality. It can be used to point out and identify creatures of nightmare and dream. The owner of the lens will bleed weird liquids each time this item is used. They will be strange but harmless things that will be far more disconcerting then dangerous. The lens can also identify doorways and portals into the lands of dream.

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