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1d6 Random Lovecraftian Demons & The Treasures Their Bound To Encounter Table For Your Old School Campaigns


   From time to time the sands of Accursed Atlantis reveal horrors from times lost or those that have never been. Adventurers and freebooters who recover these items are often in for far more dangerous times then if they had plumbed the depths of the lowest and most dangerous ruins of the wastelands. Demons are often plucked from the Outer Darkness to watch over lost treasures and relics of times past, for all eternity they watch over these treasures even though their masters have long since turned to dust. Bound as they are, some must watch over these thing until doomsday or the end of time itself. Punishment fit for only the most powerful, stupid, or dangerous of diabolic beings they often take their frustrations and madness out on the poor fools who find them. Often these beings will have 1d6 individual mutations in addition to the normal demonic base powers and abilities marking them out as even more dangerous examples of their species of horror.

Often these horrors were trapped for timeless eternities within the Underworld of the Dreamlands of H.P. Lovecraft's dream cycle of stories. The wizards who summoned were some of the most clever and diabolical beings who walked the streets of Atlantis herself and had for gotten more sorcery and magick then the world has seen since the seas drank her streets. Here then are six examples of some of the most dangerous of these minor horrors who were cast down into the bowels of Hell.
1d6 Random Lovecraftian Demons
& The Treasures Their Bound  To Encounter Table
  1. U'zosakehach The Toad Lord Of The Blood Ark - This ancient Atlantian ark contains the wisdom of the wizard Melloth The Ever Changing all of his studies of the Elder Thing's science and witchcraft. U'zosakehach is a demon type II of remarkable aspect & viciousness that rose through the ranks of demon kind due to his cruelty, treachery and violence. The blood ark is covered in blood red rubies and fossils of an alien type. The thing grants its owner an audience with U'zosakehach & the toad lord's counsel on magickal matters. The toad lord is known to feast on the souls of wizards who displease him and acquire their shapes as well. The ark is worth 50,000 gold pieces and is protected by a dense field of magick and horror that acts as a fear spell once per day.
  2. Sharnotan-mmi The Faceless Fish Fiend Of Lake Del Who Guards The Golden Plate Of Za. A type one demon lord who was locked within the Underworld feasting on Ghast flesh and plotting his take over of time. He is part lamprey and Vrock, a punishment for a tryst with a demon prince's succubus concubine, the spawn of which gave birth to a new type of demonic horror. Sharnotan-mmi is bound into a plate that marks when the stars shall be right, he is not permitted to see the plate but wizards can use it to determine alien alignments of the stars of the damned. The plate also contains 1d4 other dimensional alignments allowing wizards to blink up to three times per day by using cracks in the alignments of reality. Sharnotan-mmi is an expert on the location and recovery of treasure lost in the seas. He is often consulted on these matters and matters of astrology of the Outer Darkness as well as Hell.
  3. Matthaarsho The Triple Eyed Fiend of the Chest Of Ka're - This hulking triple eyed class IV demon has been bound into a chest of solid demon bone and ivory. The tripled eyed fiend is a witness to the rise and fall of empires of the damned. It knows the times and places of the upcoming battles for Armageddon and Doomsday. The chest of Ka're contains the codes to open the vaults of the underworld and the spells to prevent it. The demon guards these from the powers of Law. It's touch can dissolve the flesh of angels and all matters concerning its hated enemies its wisdom knows little bounds. It also knows 1d4 spells for summoning angels and guardians. Other demons loath this thing and often like to try and bully it. Matthaarsho can use the beam from its central eye to force other demons, angels, and alien gods off the current plane of existence.
  4. Rnteken - The Wild One of the Broken Promise - This broken vase is actually the material form of a goddess's soul who was destroyed. Rnteken The Succubus was one of the goddess's slayers and rather then simply destroyed. She must now watch over the soul of the goddess that you tried to destroy. The broken promise is a vase containing the goddess's still recovering soul, it is called the broken promise since all of her mortal followers are long since dead.
  5. B'ibolzoth - The Golden Laughing One - This demon is bound into a laughing statue of a long dead god. The demon is bound into the golden form of this statue and repairs it as if it was his own flesh. The statue will grant one wish every new moon and able to cast a shocking grasp spells once per day. The demon is a Type three and unique in its outlook towards others. This demon thinks its a fair trade because it watches over its worshipers and often leaves a golden gift or five in the pockets of its worshipers.
  6. N'cygudharngl The Forgotten Lord Of The Purple Fane- This book covered in gold has a type three demon lord N'cygudharngl  watching over it. He is there because he insulted a demon lord's child and attacked his former master as well as drawing the ire of  Nyarlathotep over a particularly succulent sacrifice. He was cursed with high intelligence and perfect wisdom in matters of magick and summoning rite

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