Wednesday, September 2, 2020

The Metal Moorcockian Con Job - Some Sword & Sorcery Observations On NeoPlastic Press's 'The Metallic Tome ' By Rafael Chandler

 Wayback in July of this year I had two of my regular players take sick & then pass on me. This really put a kink in my plans not to mention it hit everyone pretty damn hard. But life moves on as it does & after attending funerals. Mourning & keeping details off of this blog & social media in general things have moved on. The empty chairs have been filled & the table is full again. In no way is there anything glib about the above paragraph. 
In July there was a blog entry on the big three of demon lords being Chaos Lords. Aquiring 'the Metallic Tome' pdf has put this whole campaign hot mess back into my lap.

Ever since this illustration by  created by Paul Jaquays now Jennell Jaquays appeared in 'The Dragon' magazine I've been wanting to work on an Orcus inspired Abyss chaos inspired army. I've been going over campaign notes on the Michael Moorcock's "Melnibon√©an mythos" in the Advanced Dungeons & Dragons first edition  Deities & Demigods by James M. Ward and Robert J. Kuntz

This brings me back to a very strong OSR system contender to work with for this style of OSR campaign Castles & Crusades! Since Orcus,Juiblex, & Demogorgon have a dead on rivalry does this also mean then this also extends to popculture as well? Are there then death metal & heavy metal bands dedicated to these Abyssial tyrants?! After all metal is the music of the demons & devils! 

What would happen if Earth Chandler as we'll call this setting is actually the demon Kings & Abyssal queens's chaos laden metal end game?! Could there be agents of chaos out in the field causing havoc for the sake of 'metal'?! Or is it simply the reign of chaos & blood across the globe! 

But what about the powers of Law & goodness?! They are around as a point of fact & that's where 'Law' as we know it may also pertain to 'order' as well. The fact that demons are running around & are very much a part of the landscape dicates that the power of law is fact in affect. This lines up very nicely with some of the cannon with C&C's 'OF Gods & Monsters '.

This puts boots on the ground some of action as the PC's might indeed be a mix of modern humans & possibly a group of Castles & Crusades high fantasy PC's. This lines up quite nicely with the implied harsh Sword & Sorcery nature that we find in  Castles & Crusades Tome of the Unclean! Perhaps chaos really does have its way! 

Well how can you mix together C&C with a mega dungeon that will have all of this awesomeness under one Gonzo roof?! The Anomalous Subsurface Environment modules by Patrick Wetmore have just the right mix of menace & weirdness to port right over. 

But how does one run such a put together campaign of OSR metal mayhem?! We'll get into that coming up tomorrow folks. 

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