Monday, July 20, 2020

The Moorcockian Con Job - Some Sword & Sorcery Observations On NeoPlastic Press's 'The Demonic Tome' By Rafael Chandler

Over the last two weeks there have been numerous times when my campaign note books have been coming back into my hands. This campaign is point of fact the Castles & Crusades hybrid game that I was planning that exploded in my lap. Details on that will be covered in another blog entry. 

Events refer back to the fact that I've been going over campaign notes on the Michael Moorcock's "Melnibonéan mythos" in the Advanced Dungeons & Dragons first edition  Deities & Demigods by James M. Ward and Robert J. Kuntz

This brings up the campaign point that both the fact that both Orcus & Demogorgon have a dead on rivalry. This means that the kings & queens  of the Abyss have a twisted chess game against each other using humanity as a dangerous agents! 

This means that both Orcus & Demogorgon along with Jubilex are in point of fact not only powerful demonlords but chaos lords. These demon lords have been playing their usual games through agents for all of this time! But to what end?! Back on July 15th I wrote about & reviewed  NeoPlastic Press's 'The Demonic Tome' By Rafael Chandler. What would happen if Earth Chandler as we'll call this setting is actually the demon Kings & Abyssal queens's chaos  end game. 

When your campaign setting's end game is built on Sword & Sorcery fantasy classics & high weirdness could these apocalyptic tidings be far behind?! Its not at all far fetched to think that the random demon generator from the Advanced Dungeons & Dragons first edition Dungeon Master's Guide could easily be used along side 
 NeoPlastic Press's 'The Demonic Tome' By Rafael Chandler to create a perfect 'End of Times'  OSR setting. 

This all lines up very nicely with the material within Castles & Crusades Tome of the Unclean! Perhaps chaos really does have its way! 

Time, space, & different eras are open to the forces of Chaos & the Abyss . Now before this blog entry ends up over here at this blog like my Pan Tangian take on the Moorcock stuff or the fact that over half of a blog is built on copying this blog. I want to get this material into your hands dear readers & Castles & Crusades fans. 
But all of this blog entry goes back to my late night forays into reading through the 'Power Word Kill' blog entry from 2015 & being inspired by its take on the classic devils & demons of Dungeons & Dragons. 

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