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1d10 Random Prehistoric Swamp Encounters On Retro Pulp Venus Table For Your Old School Campaigns

The swamp world of Venus is a world of vast oceans and prehistoric swamps. A place of dangerous and deadly monsters as well as mutated dinosaurs and other creatures of bygone ages. This is an old world which has evolved mega predators and weird giant monsters. Some have speculated that this world has been used as a dumping ground for giant monsters or Kaij┼ź by aliens over the eons. 
There have been thousands of civilizations and tribes which have evolved across the face of this world despite or perhaps because of the presence of these monsters. 
There is speculation among super scientists and adventurers that the humanoid tribes of this world might have been cast off experiments and that this planet may be nothing more then a biological dumping ground for various races and several temples found in the low lying swamp regions suggest that this might be true. But this is world teeming with possibilities for adventurers or those looking to start over. 
A world of countless ruins, weird humanoid races, dinosaur like monsters, and even mutated monsters from a thousand worlds across the universe. Just the sort of place for adventurers to wind up who seek opportunity and fortune. 


The most dangerous areas are the deep inner Venusian swamps which team with primitive life forms and dangerous predators and scavengers of all types. Here then is a random encounter table for some of the more dangerous Venusian life forms. 
Art work by Dinoguy2 (Corrected Miglewis) - Dinoguy2
The swamps often expand and contract with tidal movements bring with them quick growing giant fungus and deadly slimes and oozes. These are fed on by some of the larger insect things and other predators. Amazingly these swamps are where the largest and richest concentrations of ruins and dungeon complexes are, once the home of incredible lost and forgotten port city states some time in the past. Artifacts, relics, and strange technologies are often forced to the surface by tidal actions. There is evidence of incredibly violent and lethal conflict sometime in the planet's past.

1d10 Random Prehistoric Swamp Encounters On Retro Pulp Venus Table
  1. A giant squid shrimp horror that is hungry capable of making a meal of a man quite easily. The deadly claws and a mouth full of razor sharp teeth. This predator actually hunts and stalks prey as well as rests easy in the stagnant swamp waters. 
  2. A giant crab trilobite capable of eating a man's hand quite easily, forges upon the bottom of the muck and mire. Blends into the background of the swamp like environment. 
  3. Swarm of 1d8 giant dragon flies that are telepathically linked to each other, hungry and very dangerous. The size of a small child and very clever creatures. 
  4. 1d8 giant muck snails that are armed with bony flails will stalk and slowly close on prey much larger then they are. Heavily armed. Use Flail snail stats. 
  5. Monstrous giant swamp scorpion thing capable of bringing down two fully armed men. 
  6. Killer swamp scorpion and scavenger swarm, 1d10 of these horrors will stalk and kill a fully grown man easily. 
  7. Giant swamp squid quietly lays in wait for its prey, over thirty feet in length and capable of ripping a man or mount in half. 
  8. Giant poisonous centipedes! 1d4 of these lethal and deadly swamp predators
  9. Giant hunter centipede that is over thirty feet in length feeds on the 'chattering slugs' of the undergrowth. Equipped with razor sharp jaws and a lethal sting. 
  10. 1d40 chittering slugs, these giant armored slugs are immune to energy weapons but are herbivores feeding on the dense undergrowth. They make a rasping sound similar to the sound of armor of larger alien prehistoric creatures. 

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