Saturday, July 25, 2020

New Wasteland 1d10 Random Minor Lovecraftian Finds Table For Your Old School Post Apocalyptic Campaigns

Because the energies release by the apocalypse were so devastating and incredible, holes within the fabric of space time attract the attention of the Great Old Ones and their minions. As they pass through the wastelands leaving madness and insanity within their wake. These horrors often leave behind minor bits of relics and artifacts  that leave little doubt of the horror that often follows in their passage.
Here's a list of some of the minor items that can be found by adventurers and relic hunters in the deeper wastelands and death lands.
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1d10 Random Minor Lovecraftian Finds Table
  1. A small copper skinning knife that is covered by a thick syrupy icor. This cultist's blade is etched with the name of a minor great old one whose got a 5% chance of appearing should its name be pronounced from the blade. Treat as a highly intelligent shoggoth with very dangerous and unpredictable attacks, he will try to carry off the offender to a vast unseen Outer Darkness realm. 
  2. A glowing piece of fish like flesh that actually belongs to a high priest of Dagon. The thing will heal any wound it is pressed to but within 1d8 days the 'healed one' will begin to turn into a Deep One and hear the song of Dagon. 
  3. A minor map of the Dreamlands of HP Lovecraft, this map will serve to get the owner out of the worst lands of Nightmare and parts of the Underworld. 
  4. This is a radioactive gold coin emblazoned with the image of Hasur upon one coin face. The coin is actually a fortune telling device capable of divining the appearance of the next resurrection of one of the Gods. Exposure to this coin for more then 1d10 hours will result in a hazard check and because of the strange alien radiations this thing gives out. .This coin has become a minor item of myth and legend. Its appearance is rumored to signal the reappearance of Hastur or worse. 
  5. This partially barbed arrow is actually a deep one hunting device capable of taking down larger prey and it has bits of alien flesh on one end. Any consumption of this meat will result in a horrid mutational check. The arrow is made from what seems like an alien gold like substance. 
  6. A small cube containing an alien essence and mind. The two linked together form a dangerous time traveling essence that is looking for a way back to its time period. Fortune smiles upon those who are looking for those who came down when with this criminal. 
  7. This strange like cross device when picked up will cause strange 'holy visions' to infect the mind and soul of the PC. These victims may be subjected to possession by a Lovecraftian demonic creature. 
  8. A set of bloody surgical tools in a black doctor's bag. The bag actually belongs to a Mi Go surgeon whose traveling across space and time slicing and dicing various specimens.
  9. A staff made from a humanoid femur, and spine that is able to call 1d10 alien ghosts from beyond the Pale. These horrors may try to devour the victim 20% of the time. The staff acts as +2 weapon because of its connection to the negative material plane. 
  10. A small piece of amber like material that is actually a telepathic lens that has been sinked up with a Star Spawn of Cthulhu who will begin tracking the PC in an effort to destroy the PC. The amber like substance shows images and illusions of distant and forbidden lands. There is a 2% chance of any minor  Lovecraftian god or demon who may be tracking the where about of the lens. 

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