Sunday, July 19, 2020

Swords & Stitchery Exclusive - The Appendix N & Pulpy Artwork of Jim McGurk

So after a hard night of talking with friends & having a Summertime beer last night something came up in my internet feeds. The incredible artwork  work of  Jim McGurk. Jim has put together several faux covers that really hit my Pulp sweet spot. 

Jim's work really strikes all of the right cords & balances with me for rpg campaign writing inspiration. 
I've put together a bunch of "Faux Pulp Covers"...pulp magazine issues that never were. Here's a fake cover I've done for Amazing Stories using a past artpiece..."story" by ERB.

His artwork hits all of my 'Jesus I really wish that was real' book buying buttons. But someplace there's an alternative universe where his cover work is gracing the 'Amazing Stories' & 'Weird Tales'. But the back lots of 'Innsmouth' are ripe with some of his creations. 

These art pieces like so many others serve as great fodder for a classic Advanced Dungeons & Dragons for a Lovecraftian twist  on 'U1 Sinister Secret of Saltmarsh'  by Dave J. Browne with Don Turnbull. Works very nicely. The horrors beneath 'Innsmouth' just waiting to be unleashed on the unsuspecting world & especially Saltmarsh! 

Jim's work hits the balance between old school Pulp inspiration & the savagery we find in the early part of  Dungeons & Dragons inspiration for me in Appendix N. I thought I'd share with you Jim's work today. 

Jason Gridley with twin 45s! One of my favorite ERB characters ever & this really captures that classic Edgar Rice Burroughs moment with gusto! Can't wait to see what Jim McGurk comes up with next! Thanks to the artist for allowing me to feature some of his artwork on this blog to share with you! 

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