Wednesday, July 22, 2020

A Wag of a Tail & A Twist of The Pack - An Alternative Ecology on The Blink Dog

The blink dog is an alien species that has been by humanity's side for a very long time indeed but this species origins are tied into the mists of time. If we were going to go into a full Sorcery & Planet campaign then I would start looking at Castles & Crusades.
There are several reasons for this one of  which being that I don't have to have the thumb of Wizards of the Coast on my neck. The other reason is blink dogs! Blink dogs in The Wilderlands of High Fantasy have a strong connection to the 'Human Elven wars'. 

At some point in the history of the multiverse there was a conflict that raged between humans & elves. In Greyhawk the Human Elven Wars happened this setting early in it's history. Within the Arduin campaign by Dave Hargrave we find the same conflict. Arduin & The Wilderlands of High Fantasy  share several traits in common with these military conflicts: 

  1. These wars were devastating for both Elves & Humans 
  2. Interdimensional & planar  gateways were involved bringing in the other Fey into the conflict. 
  3. Several outside parties were drawn into the conflict including the Dwarves. 
  4. Blink dogs were created to help  deal with several different outsider & alien abomination races
  5. The alien empire of the Coeurl was one of the interloper races involved in the ending of the 'Human Elven wars'.
The blink  dogs were created by the Elves thousands of years ago  to counter the impact of the Displacer Beasts that were used by  the Coeurl as a type of terror bio weapon to hunt, harry, & confuse both sides of the conflict.The Coeurl  wanted their ancient Elven food & slave stock to be joined by humanity. Ultimately the displace beasts were left behind & flourished long after the their alien cat master's were dust. 

Do the blink dog species continue to follow humanity out of a sense of pride, loyalty, or something else?! Personally I believe its something else. That the blink dogs know that their old charges of humanity are not aware of the huge number of alien entities that threaten both Elves & humanity still! 

The blink dogs know that humanity wouldn't continue to exist without them. For literally thousands of years packs of blink dogs  have followed humans from world to world protecting them from alien menaces like the brain lashers & the hated Coeurl! The blink dog has an alien set of instinct & strange  senses against such menaces! 

Blink dogs continue to be our companions even on alien worlds of Swords & Sorcery such as Astonishing Swordsmen & Sorcerers of Hyperborea 


Even in the harsh & unforgiving realms the blink dog continues to do the job that that it was created for. To hunt down, protect, & kill alien life forms & that is key to understand the mind set that continues to operate even to this day! 

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