Friday, July 31, 2020

Between Strikers & Crossfires - Tegel Manor Session report

So things have been moving forward in my Victorious rpg/Castles & Crusades hybrid campaign. The PC's however have fallen in with a very nasty NPC occultist. This occultist has been poking around the manor grounds after the PC's had to deal with a plague of ghosts. The ghost  plague came to almost wreck the alternative 1870's New York. Every hero & villain was called into service. The aftermath of this was the player's PC's hooking up with a rather loony occultist NPC. 

While dealing with the plague the PC's found  was controlled by a chaos Elven planar gate straight out of Dark Albion's Cults of Chaos. The occultist Johnas Clunter found the crystal skull that was controlling the gate but also found the necromancer & his cult. The PC's saved NPC's from the sacrificial knife of the necromancer! The crystal skull was recovered and all was saved right?! 
Not really the PC's, there have been incursions of coloured men & dangerous technologies from Cha'alt/Carcosa over the last couple of months. The party's bard has literally been kicking in heads & taking names. 
Now things really start heating up after the party begins to listen to the loony occultist. They go back to the chaos Elven planar gate to see if they can get answers to the incursions from beyond! Things go sideways really quick when the gate activates & they get sucked into it! They find themselves on a multicoloured woodland landscape! 
Remember eighteen months has pasted since events on Cha'alt! Events from Cha'alt: Fuchsia Malaise are in full swing! 

What the PC's find themselves in is a full scale war zone! There are strange tank like vehicles engaged in all out warfare with several tribes of coloured people armed with energy weapons. The mobiles are AC 4, HP 40, MPH of 50, 2-3 crew & armed with both machine guns 2d6 damage per burst, & armor piercing rockets capable of doing 1d8 damage with a range of 3 miles, there are sixteen such rockets aboard each mobile. There's also a command & radar mobile with a crew 6. All have cargo room for 4 troops 2nd level fighters armed with machine guns & side arms. 

Sha'do was trying to recover some artifact & apparently there were Prussian troops & special  agents among the tribesmen. The special Prussian agent 'Berst' died while trying to destroy one of the mobiles. And it was actually the PC's who took the artifact some sort of coffin. The loony occultist was kidnapped by the tribesman. More on him later. The party's own occultist has been playing the NPC for all he's worth so he can activate the crystal skull. 
The coffin holds some sort of living being and the gadgeteer determines that everything looks good. Sha'ado ordered the PC's to give up the coffin. But they get a cool peace sign instead! And the PC's gate out! 
So what's in the coffin?! Or whom?! Well I can't tell you that but the occupant came straight outta of the  free Acid Punk Edition of Planet Psychon supplement. 

So now back in 1870's New York the PC's realize that their missing their loony occultist NPC. They don't realize that an old enemy of theirs is right now cybernetically enhancing our occultist & learning all of his secrets! The Reaper A.I. is one that has crossed paths with our heroes before! The party lost two members to its legions before! 
Could Reaper be planning something horrid for our heroes!? Already our party's paladin is wondering?! 

The party has already crossed paths with several cybernetically enhanced Reaper agents when they visited Greyhawk. The plane hopping haunted house of Tegel manor assured that Greyhawk was a major stop! 

In case you haven't figured out Reaper is my Brainiac only much more dangerous and caused the party a major headache awhile back. It double crossed the Rumps awhile back & killed off one PC about a month ago. Reaper has been a major NPC & should it align with the Prussians then events within this alternative  'Franco-Prussian War' could turn very deadly. Back in New York this is gonna take months (weeks of game play) to work out. The players want to add in a number of C&C PC's and what not. 

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