Monday, July 27, 2020

1d10 Minor Weird Artifacts Table For Your Old Wasteland & Post Apocalyptic Campaigns

During last night's game there were a number of odd and weird minor artifacts that cropped up in a small bazaar and alien market place here's a quick table of some of the objects and minor 'treasures' that turn up in the Martian wastes and death lands surrounding the various city states. From time to time some of these may crop up in the wastes of other worlds.

 1d10 Minor Weird Artifacts Table
  1. Nanite grown crystals which can be shaped into various lens and optics. They change color depending upon the psychic potential of those handling them. After 1d8 days they may take on the form of an abstract piece of artwork reflecting the inner thoughts and spirit of the handler. Sometimes these crystals may retain a minor charge of magic or psychic energy, there is a 4% chance of the matrix of the crystals being near the death point of some Martians from the apocalypse and a minor undead spirit inhabiting the thing. 
  2. A jar of psychic glass beads filled  from the glass plans of Azzru. The beads retain the blood shed and anger of the events that they have borne witness to. They may upon command flare into a fiery display of violent energy and burn with a minor 1d4 damaging unatural flame. There will be 1d30 of these objects. 
  3. A Crazon statue depicting the fall of the God Cu, the statue will seemingly animate and tell the story of the god/goddess. The object de art is actually a minor treasure map to the weak relic fields of what was once the city of Cu named after the Martian god. Those watching this display will feel every point of terror,anguish, and more locked in this object. 
  4. A blue cloak of Tee , this minor cloak is woven from the psychic threads of one of the great worms of Tee. The thing will grant the owner safe passage among the giant mutant ant lions of some deeper wastes. The cloak is actually a survival map of clean water sights and pools of deep basin creeks. The details of these routes will quietly enter the mind of the owner. 
  5. A hook of Vas Created by the mind weavers, the hook is able pull the soul of a target from its body. This is done by the mind weavers to heal the spirit of some of those who have been drained by certain undead horrors found within the deep desert. The hook can also be used to pull the spirit partway from a body to check for signs of possession, level drain or worse. The hook is not a weapon and will shatter if used for non healing purposes within 1d6 rounds of such and act. 
  6. The blue gum of Hriu - This candied confection is made from certain psychically reactive waxes and gums. It is sweetened from the honey of certain ancient mutant insects. The gum can be blown into a bubble upon whose surface the dreams and eroticisms of certain sentient species may be projected. A very rare delicacy 
  7. The Farisu wood of Fale this incredibly weirdly coloured wood grows into fantastic shapes and when burned the scent of it grants incredible visions of vistas of unknown dreams and the ancient visions & tales of those who have gone to the beyond and further into the unknown. Care must be taken or else those whose journey upon such sights may not return. 
  8. The Orb Galen  this orb of ancient psychic circuits and deep cut geode crystals creates sensations of the far planes and ancient places. It gives deep insights and knowledge of ancient ruins and artifacts through a data base of legends, tales, and bardic Martian lore passed from ancient times and different ages but seen through alien eyes. 
  9. Psychic Infinite Knotting Torc - This single piece of infinitely knotted psychically sensitive metal will protect its owner from the trepidation of certain ancient and malevolent alien creatures of Outer planar darkness and essence. The thing will grow warm to the touch in presence of such thing especially if they are possessing another.  These were once made as a novelty by certain tribes of extinct humanoid aliens now long passed but their art remains.
  10. The  crystals of the elemental prince - These blue ancient crystals bare the elemental essence of ancient planar elemental prince whose defeat at the hands of the lords of higher logic were so complete that his being were scattered to the four corners of the planes. These crystals will hold the body and mind together in the deep wastes and not allow the psychic winds of disharmony and horror to blow and shatter the soul of  the owner. The Lords of Higher  Logic's seal is marked upon each facet of these crystals and are gateways for the energies of the elemental prince permitting  him to keep the souls of owner whole and safe. A final insult and curse upon this horrid being for all eternity or so it is hoped by those who deal in such things. 


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