Tuesday, July 14, 2020

Darkness in The Big City - Bad Moons & OSR Lovecraftian Evil - Tegel Manor Session Update One

“Some day you will be old enough to start reading fairy tales again.”
― C.S. Lewis

Its been a very long drawn out sorta of a day here at Casa De Fabiaschi but I was more then somewhat dismayed to read about James Raggi IV's Lamentations tragedy over at Tenkar's Tavern site. Today was one of those days where work has been very busy & didn't get a chance to thank 'They Might Be Gazabo's blog for the shout out & Cha'alt review.' Back to James situation now I haven't covered Lamentations of the Flame Princess adventures or products in months for reviews or anything. Now I'm really upset at this turn of events. The reason is quite simple, Lamentations of the Flame Princess rpg was one of my alternative OSR venues to look at for adventures & settings for old school games. Will James pull himself outta of this situation?! I don't know but I wish a wealthy lover of all things Lamentations would take over the business end of the rpg line. At least for awhile until James can get back on his business footing again. 

Lamentations of The Flame Princess Carcosa by Geoffrey McKinney ...

This brings me back to Lamentations of the Flame Princess's Carcosa. I was an early adapter & advocate of Geoffry McCanney's campaign setting & vision. Today I was working on the  Cha'alt/Carcosa as one whole planet setting That brought me to the idea that someplace deep within the blackness between planes near H.P.Lovecraft's  dreamlands is a trapped space god that is being used to power on of the aspects of the black pyramid of Cha'alt. 

Giorgio Comolo | KIRBY-VISION

This was inspired by going over Giorgio Comolo's artwork for the Kirby Museum. The man possess an extraordinary talent for handling the cosmic workings of Jack 'The King of Comic books' Kirby's work Not only can I say that his work excites me as both Kirby homage but as adventure fodder for Cha'alt. 

And this brings me to the Arduin rpg & Cha'alt, in the demonology of Arduin there are 21 planes of a very alien set of Hells. Could be Cha'alt number 22?! In this combined campaign  setting of mine I think so! The various locations of Cha'alt have some very definitive & completely dangerous connotations for my 1870's campaign setting. If the Prussians  got a hold of some of the forbidden & chaos tainted technologies?! Things could end up going very badly for the super humans of the Victorious rpg especially heading into events prior to WWI. On Carcosa/Cha'alt there are vast fields of A.Merritt's 'the Metal Emperor's' technologies just waiting for some fool to stumble upon it. These technologies are detailed in Victorious's Hunter & Hunter Catalogue. 

Victorious Hunter & Hunter Catalogue - Troll Lord Games | Siege ...

I've already got the Neulow Games  Amulet of Leng in play as of the week before last's game but its right now in possession of the brother of  Captain Nemo! But he's a whole blog entry by himself for another time coming up. 
At the moment  the 
Balls of Yog-Sogoth which are someplace in Tegel Manor  on the island where the manor is at the moment. Several Prussian agents are in the manor at the moment! 

Several of the agents of the Prussians swarm through 1870's New York City & some of these are super powered on their own. But several high end mutant Carcosa & Cha'alt  cultists are also on the move in the city!?! Did I happen to mention that these two groups don't get a long at all?! What happens from here!? Is New York about to become a Lovecraftian warzone? You bet! 

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