Tuesday, July 28, 2020

Appendix M For Marvel - Marvel's Worlds Unknown 7 & 8 "The Golden Voyage of Sinbad' 1974 As Old School Campaign Setting Material

When it comes to cult classic film Ray Harryhausen's Golden Voyage of Sinbad is light years ahead of many of the films today in my opinion. Here's the wiki break down on the film ;"The Golden Voyage of Sinbad" is a 1973 British fantasy film directed by Gordon Hessler and featuring stop motion effects by Ray Harryhausen. It is the second of three Sinbad films released by Columbia Pictures, the others being The 7th Voyage of Sinbad (1958) and Sinbad and the Eye of the Tiger (1977)."

But its actually the two issue Marvel comic book of 1974's Worlds Unknown that adapt the 'The Golden Voyage of Sinbad' film into a two part comic book & these are the issues to get for the Appendix N goodness. Why?! Because were  adapted by Len Wein with the art of George Tuska. These two issues are even better adaptations of other Marvel movie licences at the time & yes this includes Star Wars. 

These two issues are must haves for the dungeon master! Seriously if its adventuring in the world of Ray Harryhausen's Sinbad films that you want to bring your old school games these are the issues to have. Don't believe me?! Check out the Mad Thinker's blog entry on these Marvel classics. The world of Sinbad is perfect for bringing in X1 'The isle of Dread' by David Cook & Tom Moldvay. A legendary island of adventure lines up with the popculture Harryhausen depiction of the dashing sea captain. 

Marvel's Sinbad depiction looks like it could be the past of a classic issue of  Dr.Strange or possibly the future of Greyhawk. The action is fierce & the tales are epic! There' plenty of dangling plot hooks in these issues for the DM to really take advantage to weave in their own adventures around the passing of Sinbad & the party left with some of the monsters left in his wake. 

These issues were on Roy Thomas's watch as editor, art team of George Tuska (interior pencils and cover pencils to issue 7) and Vince Colletta (inks- interiors and covers). Along with Glynis Wein (colors) and John Costanza (letters) and finally that iconic cover by Gil Kane on issue eight!  Yes these are the issues to have if your A. a 
Harryhausen completest & B. if your looking to do a quick & dirty campaign in the world of Sinbad. 

Even the Magazines & Monsters blog gave these issues more then a passing grade! These are must haves in my opinion. And what would I actually use to run a game campaign in the world of Sinbad?! The classic Bard's Game Atlantis trilogy of books of course! Its got everything & more found in the world setting of Sinbad! 

Sinbad is the world setting after but the Atlantis books are the world before the Biblical cataclysm that turned the world upside down. Want to know more about Bard Games Atlantis Trilogy? Wayne's books has an entire section here on the history & products of the Atlantis books. 
Marvel's Worlds Unknown 7 & 8 "The Golden Voyage of Sinbad' adaptation taps into that childhood nostalgia while taking on the high end of Sword & Sorcery goodness. Sure there's Al-Quadim setting but there's nothing like crafting your own campaign for OD&D or Holmes from the ground up whist watch a Sinbad marathon. In closing yesterday was Gary Gygax day and I think that Jim Whampler's artwork here captures the spirit & essence of the man. Hope everyone rolled some dice, got together with friends, & played a solid round of the grand game of Arneson & Gygax. 

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