Thursday, July 2, 2020

'The Drive in Effect & Strictly Local Talent' - The Primal Order Rpg & Pulling Together the Bits, Pieces, With The Divine!

Mythology & religion in table top role playing games can be a complete pain in the rear. Unless you happen to have a system that can solve all of the problems that come from the centered spoke of the problem. The problem?! The gods themselves or as I like to refer to it, 'The Drive In Movie' effect. 

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Jrosenberry1 own drive in artwork. 

Anyhow 'The Drive In Movie' effect into play during last year's Cha'alt/Godbound rpg sessions. That is that the 'heavy hitters' from original Dungeons & Dragons were striding across the Earth. Things were going not so much down hill as side ways. When your playing with gods & immortals you're gonna see PC's get broken. You really need a compelling adventure line & background to your campaign. Otherwise the players end up at the drive in watching their PC's turning screen into an effect & not an adventure. Here's where I'm going back to Peter Adkison 's Primal Order rpg system. I'm thinking about pairing this up with Castles & Crusades


I get along with Venger quite a bit but we differ widely in opinion sort of. For Venger & many OSR guys is all about the reductionist side of adventure & system writing. For me as a wargamer its all about the world & the setting. I don't want to kill gods no I want to play the world in all of its epicness. So for me Cha'alt isn't a grim dark world but a world of sacrament & terror. 

When it comes to Cha'alt its all about that old time Kirby fourth world religion for me. That little trace of New Gods & Dune that over arches the whole cloth experience of the setting. 

I'm not looking to kill gods but play on the same chess board & then some. The Earth as we know it has been messed with by these powers for a very long time. The Cha'alt wave has been altering & consuming as it goes across the multiverse. The winds of the black pyramid have been blowing for quite some time. 

All of it reminds me of  Robert Heinlein's story ' The Unpleasant Profession of Jonathan Hogg'. Which means that the deities in question are going to be strictly local talent with some of the invasive deities that I've been toying with. 
Unknown Worlds v06n03, October 1942 | SF MAGAZINES

All of this works quite nicely with Frank Mentzer's Immortals box set of books & ideas to really pull this together for the next phase of the campaign. Its gonna be wicked & wild so stay tuned! Buckle your seat belts! 

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