Saturday, July 18, 2020

Megabug Gladiators Mecha For Your Post Apocalyptic & Vintage Sci Fi Campaigns ...

"The mega bugs are sweeping through the undergrowth of the jungle! Mechas straight out of the 70s to reappear in the alien gladiatorial arenas of Carcosa & Cha'alt  today!"

Recently I've been going back over my old campaign notes & came across my stats for the Megabug Gladiator toys from the Kenner toy company that I used on my version Carcosa setting. Originally these came from the excellent Pallid Stallions toy/nostalgia site here.  These mecha are perfect for my Cha'alt/Carcosa campaign coming up. 

The Dragon Fly

Crew: pilot and passengers 
Weight: 20 tonnes
AC :20
Damage: 3d6
Attack bonus:+4
Specials: Flight flies like a giant fly or a dragon, a coating capable of melting in outside areas thanks to spells of illusionists.
Attacks: Bio Stinger 1d8 missile damage per missile, including psionic homing missiles, a range of 7 miles, contains 6 missiles, a beam of neutron blaster 3d6 damage, 40 yards radius.
Power plant: Nuclear propulsion system with a lifespan of 200 years.

The Scorpion

Crew: 1 pilot and passenger
Weight: 50 tonnes
Attacks 2 
Attack Bonus:4
Save :+16
Specials: Mono camouflage skin color.
Attacks: 1d8 pincer attack.
Mandi blaster 1d6 damage, 70 yards range.
Morning Star Attack: 1d8 damage per hit.
Morning Star Energy Power Attack: 1d10 damage,  70 yards  of Mecha Range 
Power plant: Nuclear propulsion system with a lifespan of 200 years.

The Mega Spider

Crew: pilot and passenger
Weight: 40 tonnes
Attack Bonus +4 
Attacks:1 per round 
Travel as a giant spider.
Specials: Capable of climbing on skyscrapers, vertical surfaces, Thermo / Camouflage coating.
Attacks: 1d4 spider legs each turn while the monocular lens disintegrates its prey as per the spell. 
Blaster Neutronic Radius: 1d8 damage, radius of 60 meters.
Power of the fangs: 1d4 damage per round when the poisoned vital fluids are emptied.
Power plant: Nuclear propulsion system with a lifespan of 300 years.

These incredible mechas were recently discovered on Carcosa and have resumed their former murderous activity in gladiatorial combat. They are used by alien insectoid mercenaries, often for the salary of 1d4 relics or  1d4 artifacts as well as t the pleasure of being able to test their mettle against each other.

The extraterrestrial insectoids that drive these mechas have often been seen across the galaxy, in recent eons, in their strange organic bio armor, doing research and meddling in galactic affairs. These mechas and their pilots would have been seen on Earth during the various wars, in particular when atomic weapons were used.

Mega Bugs are toys from the toy  company Kenner.The idea all of the  photos come from the Plaid Stallions site .

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